Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Time I Fell Off the Foam Roller

I got home from work tonight and was putzing around getting ready for my run.  I sat down on the foam roller and sent out a "help me!" tweet regarding what the heck to wear in "feels like" 20 degree temps.  I remember what to wear in crazy cold and above freezing.... the middle... not so much.

a) none of you jerks responded back to me because obviously you don't care if I freeze my petunias off


b) it wouldn't have mattered anyway, because by the time I actually got out the door it was REALLY 24 degrees, and with the windchill it was 13 or something insane like that.

But still, next time I throw out a HALP tweet, you'd all better respond lickity split like, kapeesh?

Anywho, while catching up on my twitter feed (and waiting for you turd faces to NOT respond to me...yup!  still bitter about it!) I decided to get my foam roll on.  Since I'm getting back in the running thing my foam roller and I need to become besticles yet again.  I started off rolling my butt.  And then moved on to my upper butt/hip area.  All the while scrolling through my phone a-catchin' up on the twitterz.  When.....


I rolled right off the foam roller and smucked my head on my couch.

And immediately tweeted about it.  Duh.

And then got back on and continued to check the twittahz because I obviously don't learn lessons.

Moral of the story:  sometimes multi-tasking is good.  Other times it can cause you to crack your skull.  And yet other times still you just feel like a ding dong and then announce it to twitter (and shortly there after...the blog world.)


Anne Marie said...

Haha, I love this. And I would have responded to your tweet had I known the correct response. I live in Austin where .5" of snow closes Universities. Im not so much skilled in the area of cold weather running tips. :)

Katie said...

bless your heart. *pats you on the head*

J said...

Those foam rollers can be tricky ;) My foam roller actually has a dent in the middle where I have foam rolled too much!