Friday, March 9, 2012

Woe is Me: Another Pug Tail

It's no secret I'm obsessed with pugs.  Need one.  Gotta have one.  ZOMG GOING CRAZY WITHOUT A LITTLE PUGGY FRIEND.  After last fall's pug meltdown, in which I ultimately decided I should wait to get a pug, I've been readying myself.  Trying to put away a little bit of pug savings for adoption fees, vet bills, necessities, etc.  And apartment searching for a place that will allow my little puggy love.  A few weeks ago I determined that August 1st would be the ideal date for pug ownership to occur.  I finish up my summer courses the end of July and have most of August off.  I'd have plenty of time to bond with the little bugger, and extra time to help potty train (if necessary) and to help her/him get acclimated to me AND ALL OF THE LOVE I HAVE TO GIVE IT.  Ahem.

At the end of work today, my boss emailed me to say that her fiance saw a pug at the humane society in town.  Eh.. what?!?!?  As soon as I got home I googled and saw a little black pug that was begging to be my bestie.  Sidenote:  for some reason I've done a complete 180 on my pug preferences.  I used to be a 100% fawn fan, but I'm now obsessed with the black ones.  So weird.

At this point, I have no problem blowing off my run to go meet this beauty to determine if it's truly love at first sight.  Kyle says that if I can wait until 6:30 ish he'll go with me, but uh... that's not happening, sorry brah.

I get to the humane society with my heart beating a trillion miles a minute and ask to meet the little cutie.  And the lady responds that she's in with a gal who's filling out the adoption paperwork.

[insert tears here]

[and again here since apparently writing this is making me all weepy, gah]

I got to peek in at her through the window and she's such a happy little squirt.  I'm happy she got adopted, but I just wanted it to be by me.  Sniffle.

Uff da, I have a pug shaped hole in my heart.

And how cute is she in this video?  Soooo happy/smily.

Somedaaaaaaaaaay my puuuuuuuuug will cooooooome (to be sung to the tune of Someday my prince will come).


Mac said...

I feel like crying for you right now! So sad, I have major pug love too and I would've been in the dumps the rest of the day. It's been a good thing the humane society hasn't had a pug here recently.

Kristin Miller said...

We went through the same thing before we got Lambeau. I filled out so many adoption apps, we eventually bought our little guy. Love him. Hope to adopt another dog someday. Soommeeedaayyy your puuuuuug WILLLLLL come!

Sarah said...

New reader from Pierre. Hello! Sorry to hear about the dog. I can't even look at their website without wanting to take them all home. Hang in there.

Love your blog!