Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weekly Reads: MaddAddam

I read the first book in the Maddaddam Trilogy while I was in college.  Oryx and Crake was the first dystopian adult book I had ever read.  As a child, growing up, the Giver was my all time favorite book, and to read a "grown up" book with as much excitement and appeal threw me for a book nerd loop.  And thus, a dystopian junkie was born.  After graduating, I picked up The Year of the Flood because I had loved Oryx and Crake, not even realizing it was the sequel.  Derp.

Now, four long years later, the finale novel, MaddAddam, is being released September 3rd.  To say I'm excited for the conclusion is an understatement.  I may be person #1 on the library's hold list for it.  Not surprising.

A summary from goodreads:

Months after the Waterless Flood pandemic has wiped out most of humanity, Toby and Ren have rescued their friend Amanda from the vicious Painballers. They return to the MaddAddamite cob house, which is being fortified against man and giant Pigoon alike. Accompanying them are the Crakers, the gentle, quasi-human species engineered by the brilliant but deceased Crake. While their reluctant prophet, Jimmy -- Crake's one-time friend -- recovers from a debilitating fever, it's left to Toby to narrate the Craker theology, with Crake as Creator. She must also deal with cultural misunderstandings, terrible coffee, and her jealousy over her lover, Zeb.

Meanwhile, Zeb searches for Adam One, founder of the God's Gardeners, the pacifist green religion from which Zeb broke years ago to lead the MaddAddamites in active resistance against the destructive CorpSeCorps. Now, under threat of an imminent Painballer attack, the MaddAddamites must fight back with the aid of their newfound allies, some of whom have four trotters.

At the centre, is the extraordinary story of Zeb's past, which involves a lost brother, a hidden murder, a bear, and a bizarre act of revenge.

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