Monday, November 2, 2015

Wedding Day

These are the pictures from my phone and friends' and family cameras. Professional pictures to come!

Donut cheers. Duh.
These girls = my <3
maaaaaaaajor pug head tilt.
Veuve in a Mason jar.
one of my favorite quotes.
the best man tracked me down so I could have the first pour of spotted cow
keg illegally taken across state lines.
love her
Ollie and I both needed a little break.
my favorite picture of kyle, ever. this is how he looks at me. :D
trying to show ollie's flower harness
my little family
just sitting on the porch, enjoying the day.
i bought a wedding cardigan and only wore it in 2 pictures! fail.
cheers to you full moon.
blurry picture, and we were surely blurry at this point, but oh so happy.

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bobbi said...

Everyone looks beautiful and happy! Congrats :)