Wednesday, July 27, 2016

605 Summer Race Series

I love racing.

I hate racing.

These are two examples of absolutes in my life. I'm either firmly on one side of the spectrum or the other. Team: Run allllllllll the races or Team: No thanks, I'll save my $$$. I don't need to have an official clock tell me I'm slow.

2016 has brought a renewed sense of fun in racing. Wahoo! First up was the Sioux Falls Parks and Rec 3k/5k weekly series in June. Each Monday in June there was a free 3k/5k. I used it as my speedwork session of the week, having done zero speedwork since probably 2014. For real. I got a nice baseline time on week one, and then worked hard to improve upon that from week to week (race reports to come, I think).

Then 605 Running Co. announced their 605 Summer Race Series. Another low frills, low cost race series to lead runners right up to the Sioux Falls half marathon. The races are two weeks apart, starting at 4 miles, 8 miles, then 12 miles. I wasn't originally planning to sign up for the races but then I was able to work them in to my training a little better, I thought, why not? It's been a blast racing this summer, so why not do it some more.

I plan to race the 4 mile, the 8 mile I'll probably use as a tempo run..... 2 mile warm up, 6 at tempo. And then the 12 mile I'll use as a race pace scenario. Maybe 3-5 mile warm up, 5-7 at half goal pace, 1-2 at tempo or all out. Should be fun!

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Susan said...

I like the idea of a progressively longer races leading up to the half!