Friday, April 2, 2010

March in Review + New 'Do

March in Review

Total Miles: 151 which is up from 124 last month (compared to 66.8 in 2009). This breaks my current monthly record (previously 138).

Total Time: 23:35:49. I ran almost a full day this month. That's pretty sweet in my book. (Last month was 19:17:08.)

Total Runs: 17 for an average of 8.88/run. My lucky number. :D (Last month was 7ish/run).

Highest weekly mileage: 3/22/2010 — 3/28/2010: 39.8 Mi 6:14:10 Highest mileage week to date (no wonder my legs were traaaaaaaaashed)! (up from 35 last month)

Favorite run: My first 20 miler.  I imagine this is similar to the love you feel for your first born, no?  To be honest, I expected to crash and burn, just b/c 20 miles is a long way yo!  Imagine my surprise when it was my best LR of the 14+ distance.  20 I heart you.
Most hardcore run: 7 tempo miles.  It. Sucked.  But I'd imagine I am a stronger runner because of it.  Right?  RIGHT!?!?!?  I purposely haven't looked forward in my planner just because I'm assuming there's a longer and faster tempo workout to come.  [shudders]

Favorite Race: St. Patty's Day 5 miler.  Auto PR + my fave holiday + one butt ton of Green = What's not to love people?  Oh yes, the massive mud and poorly organized day.  I remember now. :P

Current Jams:  Ke$ha--Dancing with tears in my eyes & Hungover,  Rihanna--Rude Boy,

This week has been a cut back week (praise the Lord!).  My poor leggies were hurting last week.  Last night was my last run for the month.  As everyone was shouting out their mileage for the month on twitter, I was prompted to check my running log:  142.8.  Well I couldn't end the month with 150.8 miles could I?  Hell no.  I headed out after working in gorgeous 70 degree temps.  I just let my legs do what they wanted to do, and apparently that's a bit faster than my easy pace.  I figured I would compensate with the 8 miles slated for the following morning.

I did 8.2 miles in 1:16:20 for a pace of 9:19.

This morning I begrudgingly got out of bed.  I always plan to run before work on Thursdays (I work a late shift) but always end up sleeping in.  A friend is in town back from school for Easter, and we're going to take on the town so I had to get out there.  Morning running!  How could I have forgotten about you?!?!?  It took a couple of miles for the legs to wake up, but after that I was crusing along.  My effort level was 10 minute miles, but my actual pace was around 9:10-9:15.  It was crazy.  You gotta love those runs.  All day I've been feeling my fabulous runner's high.  I think morning running and I might be rekindling our flame this spring.  ;)

I did 8 miles in 1:14:15 for a pace of 9:17.

In exciting news, I got my hair did this week.  whoot whoot!  Check out my darker do.  I think the dark makes me look more like a smarty pants, no? :)

In sad news, my office husband moved offices.  The following are various email excerpts to how I feel about this travesty.

Email to Nick (yes he knows about my office husband, and is ok with least as far as I know!): 

Did you ever get moved in high school because you talked too much to your friends that sat around you in certain classes? Surprise surprise, I did. All the time. Apparently I’m a bit of a talker?!?!?!?

Anyway, my office husband had to/got to relocate to an office farther away. I feel like this is the corporate version of desk moving. :(
Also random/awesome email brainstorm with the office husband:
Jeri:  I hate that you’re not next door. Shall we craft tin can phones this afternoon?
Tom:  yes we should or get web cams so we can skype
Jeri:  Hahahahahah we should totally skype from two offices down. Love it.

RIP office relationship.  I've already got one distance relationship on my hands, I just can't hack #2. :(


audgepodge said...

AHHH! I had my seat moved in AP Calc senior year b/c I talked too much. Although I could hang with the quiet kids too.

I thought that was just me b/c I don't remember that happening to anyone else. Haha, so funny! Ah, memories...

J said...

Great job on March! I love seeing the monthly recaps! Also love your new hair! I like the darker look!

Anonymous said...

Awww that stinks you were moved away from eachother :( At least you're still in the same building!

Jamie said...

Awesome job in March!!! And the new hair is cute

Sorry to hear your office husband moved :( No fun at all!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

you are so pretty, seriously love the hair. sorry I'm a crappy commenter, but I do read...just suck at clicking that button.

anywho looks like march was a kick bootie running month! I think we both had about the same mileage and maybe just maybe I'm finally getting faster too!

Mica said...

Let's talk about this mileage, shall we? Hardcore!

Oh man, your office manager needs to lighten up...or make your work more stimulating, or something!

Anonymous said...

I love how you do your review! And your hair looks great!

Glenn Jones said...

Great month of running Jeri! I think the best part of getting ready for a marathon is how the miles start becoming lnger and loger but easier and easier.

And nice do! I've got a couple of handsome sons......

cw and jrw said...

office husband = hilarious!
new do = super sexy & sophisticated!

Anonymous said...

I was always the person that got people moved! haha One time in spanish class the teacher told my friend to move one chair over away from me, then we kept talking so she said move over again, when we CONTINUED she was not very happy.

Heather said...

Love the hair! Nice job on the miles in March - you are going to rock Green Bay!

Marathon Maritza said...

Cute new do! I like it!

And great job on your mileage for March! Whoo!

I got moved all the time. In fact, my report cards from 2nd grade all the way through high school said the exact same thing, "Maritza is a bright student. However, she talks too much in class." :-/

Your boyfriend is long distance? Mine is too. It blows.

Anonymous said...

Aw, man - adios office Hus!

that's a HUGE monthly mileage, go Jer!! Do you have another 20-miler, or is it mostly tapering now??

Kristin said...

LOVE LOVE the hair!! Also, great job on all your training. I feel like I am your complete opposite right now! Just getting back into training mode...

Trying To Heal said...

catching up on posts; love the new hair! and great job w/ that tempo run! 8:40's? i can't even run that w/o a tempo run...i'd have to just be booking it for one! lol

Susan said...

I looooooove Ke$ha...soo good!

The new do looks awesome! You'll have a new office boyfriend in no time. ;)