Monday, July 26, 2010

Sometimes I Hate Running

I recently realized that blogger now has a super sweet function (similar to what wordpress offers, I believe) that let you know the stats of your site.  I've tried to set up Google Analytics, but apparently I'm computer duuuuuuuumb and couldn't get it figured out.  Since I'm a numbers/stats freak, it was so interesting!  I can not believe how many people have visited my blog in the past few weeks that these stats have been accounted for!  So hi and hello to all of you lurkers out there that don't comment (which is totally fine, btw)...glad to have you (and now know that you exist).

Sadly, this super cool new feature did nothing to cure my writer's block.  I've learned that when my running is sucking the big one, I have no desire to write.  Who wants to read about how bad I suck?  No one.  Perhaps an arch nemesis (nemesi if there are more than one of you I suppose), but other than that, no one.  I don't like to be all Debbie Downer, so I just scoot off into quiet land for a while.  Also, non-running life is quite a-ok so that also doesn't help the will to blog. :)  Also #2 (that is the appropriate way to include a second also back to back, yes?) I've been obsesssssssssssed with True Blood season 2 lately, so that's been a MAJAH time suck.

I had a pretty Sucky McSuckerson run last Thursday that was truly the straw that broke the runner's back (although not literally as I do not have a broken back....just a slightly broken spirit for a couple of days).  I had 6 miles with 4 at 8:01 pace.  Considering my 5k from a few days before was just slightly faster than that pace, I did not want to do it.  I've really been psyching myself out as far as tempo runs are concerned.  Based on the heat and humidity (and my general suckitude of late) I decided to shoot for 8:05-8:15 pace.  My pal Aaron decided to accompany me on his bike to make sure I didn't try to drown myself in the river keep me company.

When he got to my place I was throwing out every stalling tactic known to man.  Oh...gotta use the rolling pin.  Need to drink more water.  Maybe I should change.  AARON STOP EATING MY SHARKIES!!!!  (Btw, I was a pro at stalling at bed time as a child.  Guaranteed that will come back to bite me in the ass when I have bambinos...ugh).  Then the stall of all stalls:  Garmin LOW BATTERY.  For sure he was regretting his suggestion to bike with me.  That'll teach you to be nice!

After letting my watch charge enough we hit the trail.  Since it had downpoured for hours the night before, the trail was flooded in parts.  Of course, I didn't think about this until we came across the first "lake" blocking out the trail.  So I ran through some wooded area, ran around on grass for a bit, hopped back on the trail.  Encountered some thick ass mud that left me skidding (not to be confused with leaving me with skid marks FYI) around the trail.  And I was getting pisssssssssssssed.  It's not like tempo runs are easy, yo.  Ugh.

Somehow, shockingly might I add, that first mile came within the tempo pace I was shooting for--8:08.  After coming upon another section that was flooded out, we ended up having to loop around the same route that I ran totally sucky 5k from last weekend on.  Not fun.  By this point I had lost it mentally.  Which is unfortunate because I think tempo runs are 95% mental.  To be honest, all tough runs are mental for me.  If I ever fail at a race/long run/speed work session, it's never a physical feat, it's always mental.  Totally sucks.

My next miles were pretty pooptastic, and I was a crabby panda by the time all was said and done.  I apologized to Aaron for my piss poor attitude after the run was over, and he said he hadn't noticed that I was being crabby.  So apparently I didn't spout off the obscenities I was thinking about him, and how stupid him and his words of encouragement were, and that his bike was dumb...and so were his shoes....and haircut.... and mom.  Just kidding, scratch the mom part....I took that one step too far.

I did the 6 miles in 54:39 for a pace of 9:07. 
Tempo miles--8:08, 8:27, 8:39, 8:33.  Avg. pace:  8:26.

Best convo from the run (that's blog appropriate that is...ha)
Aaron:  You know...if your deep dark secret is that you farmer blow on your runs, it's totally ok to do it in front of me.
Jeri:  Ya I know.  And I call them snot rockets.  :)

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J said...

Now I am intrigued! Where did you find the statistics on blogger!??

Hope your running gets better. I know that the humidity and racing has been taking a lot out of me.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Typical post-race letdown - you'lll be out there enjoying yourself in no time and sharing the old JerBear way. Write about how you ran like a lion!

Heather said...

It's the heat and humidity, for sure. Or, in my opinion, winter's way of bitch slapping us for complaining about the cold.

Anonymous said...

I call 'em the same thing. Good job on the 7.5.10 race...BEAST!!!

Anonymous said...

I love having my stats- It is really cool to see how far my blog has come in the last year and a half!

Hope your out of your funk- maybe with cooler weather??

Staci Dombroski said...

I call it a farmer's blow :) Have a great week!

Slomohusky said...

Lurkers? I guess you have me wondering how many read my babbles now as well.

Dom and Trey said...

Thanks for the tid-bit about the stats...I just looked at mine. Cool Stuff! I check your blog often. :) Cause you tell it how it is!