Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10k Race Photos + Weekly Wishlist: Kate Spade Sample Sale Edition

After pouring through the 400 race photos that were posted from the Breast Cancer 10k, I was beyond bummed to not see one bright yellow sleeve in the bunch.  Imagine my surprise this morning when I get an email from Megan with race day photos attached!  In my bundle of raceday nerves, I forgot that we had even taken a pre-race photo, and her hubby ended up snatching some photos of me at the start and the finish.  YAYZIES!

Megan and I are Fargo road trip buddies this weekend. I love that she rocks a giant cheshire cat style smile as well! :)

At the start. One of my new favorite running pics. Go Meg's Hubby!

And nearing the finish line. It was weird as the 10k ended up catching up to the tail end 5k-ers. Weaving on tired legs is no fun at all.

Weekly Wishlist:  Kate Spade Sample Sale Edition

Kate Spade is currently having their sample sale, and everything is up to 75% off (ends tomorrow, 5/19!).  Sadly, my pocketbook said "no no no" Amy Winehouse singing-style, not Amy Winehouse to booze and drugs style, but that didn't stop me from some lusting.

I'm a sucker for stripes. I think they used to have it in navy and white which was super cute too. Buy it here.

I never do the wristlet style; if a book doesn't fit in my purse, it's not for me.  But this is super cute, and yellow is my new neutral. Buy it here.

So I may have succombed to the designer handbag cult in moderation, but I've yet to leap over to the darkside with matching wallet.  It's just hard to plop down the money that is in excess to most of the bags I own (I really only have one Coach bag, and one Kate bag.  And sold a Kate bag I didn't love to pay for the Coach bag that I *do* love.)  But I like the idea of non-matching.  Like black or white handbag and crazy bright wallet.

Buy it here.

Buy it here.

The color of this is the most beautiful thing ever.  However, I think the bag might be a little too "structured" for my style.  Still super duper pretty though.
Buy it here.
More yellow perfection. Buy it here.

Jeri, sucker, stripes. You get it by now, I'm sure.  Love that the lining is GREEN.
Buy it here.

Ok, so everyone go shop to your little heart's content and then let me know what you got so I can be a ridiculous girly girl and EEEEEEEEEEEEEE along with you. :)



OOO so want that last purse!

Morgan said...

Ok so this is random but this weekend while B.o.B was visiting we went shopping and were talking about being girly girls and I said I could qualify at all because I am not in love with purses or shoes. This post made me think of that with all the purses. I'm still rocking the black Coach purse my cousin got me in 2005. Yup totally not a girly girl over here.

Heather said...

I love the black and white stripes! So cute.

Amy - the gazelle said...

you are eeeeeeeeeeeevil! How dare you feed my kate spade addition? (btw - you should see my kick-ass kate spade nook cover; I got it for eleventy-billion% off and I want to marry it.)

angryrunner said...

What is happening to me? I'm so obviously the antithesis of a girrlllllll but I kind of want a new bag now. I guess I'm just a sucker for a bargain. (Like Morgan, I've got a Coach bag from 2005 too! That I got with a gift certificate in a sale like this one! I'll probably never buy another one.)

Anyhow, now I want a Kate Spade bag.

I'm blaming your sparklefarts, soon to be sub 4 sister!

eatdrinkrun said...

I want the last one. The zebra one. Like bad.

observationsofanoblivore said...

I have a Coach handbag given to me as a bridesmaid present. Otherwise, all my bags have been about $20 or less. I just can't justify spending more, when half the time I don't even use a purse!


Jamie said...

Love that last purse and the shirt. Supa cute!

Richelle said...

I love the blue purse, even though it may be too "structured." Must be the color! :) said...

wahhhh wish I had been there! great pics though : ) will be thinking of you this weekend! xoxo

Renee said...

My initial thought was to curse you for posting the link to the sample sale. Instead I clicked on it and started look at everything. I want a pretty Kate Spade bag. I still think they are too much though :(

Heather said...

We will probably be at the expo around 4-5ish. For the race I am wearing a white shirt, black running skirt and lightening bolt knee socks (you know, to make me fast). You'll be kicking my ass on Saturday, so look for me with the slow pokes. :)

Katie said...

last three bags? I'M IN LOVE!!!!! said...

Lookin speedy, gal! Gotta love when race day spectators snap a picture during your finest moments ;)

FARGO THIS WEEKEND! Wow, these May races cam up so freakin' quickly.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

What? No green in that race outfit! Great photos!!

I am liking the stripes right now too! Especially yellow stripes!