Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Marathon Recovery and Weekly Wishlist

So turns out that recovery is pretty g.d. boring.  Saturday post race I was legitimately concerned that I had done something major to my knee.  I was unable to straighten it or bend it completely without intense shooting pain.  Luckily by Sunday the pain had subsided to normal post-marathon aches.

As of Tuesday, my hip felt 100% but I still had a lot of pain and soreness around my hip flexor/hip area in my right leg along with some knee pain.  After some rolling, I decided to take princess leia out for a short little spin to get the blood flowing in my legs.  8.5 windy miles later (can't escape the wind EVER apparently) I was finally able to walk normally!  YAYZIES!  I had some initial pressure under my kneecaps for the first 1/2 mile, but after that the ride was great.  Of course Wednesday brought some random hip shooting pains while just sitting at work, so who knows what's going on.

All I know is that this girl needs her endorphins!

Before I bring you to this week's wishlist, please visit Kristin's blog!  She is running NYC Marathon (her first!) as a part of Team World Vision and is seeking out your help for donations.  Please check out her page and donate generously.  If you need further convincing, she's a huge Packers fan too, so clearly she's a great gal.  I mean... her dog is named Lambeau.... sigh... a girl after my own heart.  ;)  KILL IT KRISTIN!

Interesting fun fact:  I was a NERDY with a capital -ERDY kid.  Amongst many other dorky things, I was obsessed with dinosaurs.  What's that?  You heard I had an extensive dinosaur eraser collection?  Well.  That may be correct.  Quiz me on some dino facts, let's see if I still got it.  Anywhosits, this necklace is probably the sweetest thing ever.  (too bad it's waaaaaaaay too expensive).

I definitely don't consider myself a very girly-girl, but I love a pretty/flirty skirt.  This one is so adorable.
My bfff wore a similar dress to a high school classmates wedding last summer, and clearly I'm still lusting after it.  She had a gorgo tan going, and the blue looked killer next to it.  Sheans!  I'm going to borrow this sometime this summer, k thx lovvvvve you. 

The girl in green strikes again!  Love this shade of green, probably my favorite (whoa! that's saying a lot!) and love that it's cutesy but still laidback.


aspoonfulofsmash said...

your hip pain sounds so similar to mine its crazy! All I know is if you take 2 weeks off running it helps a lot! But then you get real out of shape..can't wait to hear how you rehab this

Susan said...

I don't like recovery either...I just want to run normal again!

Love that green shirt. Fingers crossed it goes on sale soon! said...

Recovery, the necessary evil! Good clal on the bike-ride leg-stimulation though :) Smart gal!

THat green shirt would definitely be in my basket - very cute!