Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pug Adoptaversary

Because Ollie is a rescue, we don't know how old she is or when her birthday is.  The vet estimated 5-6 a year ago.  I've decided that each year we'll do an adoptaversary celebration in lieu of a birthday.  (It's totes norms to do a birthday party for a pet, right?  Great.)  Well this past Saturday was Ollie's first adoptaversary.  I woke her up really early for breakfast.  Her favorite.  And then put her back in bed with her dad so I could get ready for my race.  And then because Kyle was still sleeping when I left, Ollie got a second breakfast when he woke up.  If there's one thing Ollie loves more than meal time, it's BONUS meal time.  Nom nom.

She came out to spectate me in the 10k even though she HATES rain with a fiery passion.  Kyle had to hold her/carry her the entire time they were outside because she wouldn't move.  Even more fun than race spectating is people spectating.  Ollie thinks every human was put on the planet to pet and love her.  :)

After the race, we spent a long time snuggling on the couch to warm me up, because I was a popsicle.  Then we ended up at Shop Dog, the new dog boutique in town, and Ollie surprised me with a necklace I have been wanting since I first spotted it on their instagram page.

Amazing, no?

We had big plans to go to the dog park and have fun, but the rain made that out of the question, so we did the next best thing.  Froyo.  I always get a dairy free froyo flavor for my bottom layer of froyo so Ollie can lick the bowl when I'm done.  Puggy froyo heaven.

We spent the day snuggling and playing together.  My little love bug.

And now some pics from the last year.

The day we first met to see if she'd like me and want to come live with me forever.

Adoption day!

Just seeing what she'd look like with long curly hairs.

Ollie's first race.  TEAM GREEN.

She's just so darn smily and happy. <3

Smooches before Kyle and I left on a date night.

When someone leaves a grocery cart in the hallway, you obviously put your pug in there like she's a child.  Obviously.

I'm so glad we found each other OG.  Love you.  (She subscribes to my blog obvs.  She has to have something to do while I'm at work all day besides napping.)

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