Monday, June 3, 2013

Pug Bestie: Part Deux

I work in a library.  Librarians are known for being "crazy cat ladies."  But not me.  I'm a crazy pug lady.  And I fully admit that.  And embrace that.  If I could rescue every pug (and a couple of french bulldogs, because OMG is there anything cuter than a little frenchie face??? save for a pug, obvs) on the planet in need of a home, I would do it in a heartbeat.  I just have so much love for little puggies in my heart, and there are so many out there that *need* that love.  I might as well give it, amiright?

For the past year I've been contemplating getting a second pug.  Pugs are extremely social and bond very strongly with other animals and pugs especially.  There are two pugs in the apartment complex, and Ollie is obsessed with the male, Rasputin (and ok, so am I, his face is just PRESH).  So naturally I want to give her a little brother (of the pug variety, no bebes here plz).  I had been telling myself that I might get a second pug for my graduation gift to myself (August 3rd, in case anyone is counting down.  Just me?  Ok, that's cool).

But then I got a text message from an old co-worker last Thursday that said something to the effect of "OMG THERE'S A BLACK MALE PUG AT THE HUMANE SOCIETY, GO GET HIM NOW!"


I checked out his profile, and he was, indeed, adorable.  Four years old, potty trained, and trained with basic commands (already one-upping Ollie, because Ollie only knows her left and right paws--when I ask her to lift them to put her harness on for walks, how to give kisses on command, and how to "scoot a cheek, geek" when she's sitting in my or Kyle's spot on the couch).  The family gave him up because they didn't have time for him.  Le sigh.


I jokingly told my boss that I needed to leave work for a "family emergency."  I called Kyle and told him that Ollie, Max and I would be waiting for him when he got home from work.  But of course I didn't leave work early.  And at 3:30pm I called to see if he was still available and he'd been adopted.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. :'(

I told Ollie all about him on Thursday and she seemed pretty upset to not get her very own pug bestie.  But I'm sure that means there'll be another one, hopefully soon.  Until then, Ollie will just have to settle with me as her bestie (I think she's ok with it, no worries).



Kier said...
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Kier said...

WOW - I had to delete my first comment due to a gross spelling error. I can't believe myself...

I hear Elkhounds and pugs get along REAL well - want to adopt one of those?!

Or maybe foster one...? While an old college friend travels the world?