Monday, July 8, 2013

Marathon Training: Day 1


Nailing it.

Today marks day 1 of the Pfitz 18/55 training program.  And it's a rest day, whoop!  Currently rocking a PR in resting.  NBD.

I think today is the 3rd? time I've started the Pfitz program, and have failed to execute it once.  But that isn't an ominous statement, no worries.

Last week marked the last FIRST day of class of my masters, whoop!  Monday and Wednesday nights I'll be sitting in class from 6-10:15pm (whoof!) for the rest of this month, hence why I finagled my schedule to have rest days on Monday/Wednesday.  BUT because it's absolutely disgusting out, I'm making myself become a morning runner once again!  I needed to make the switch two weeks ago, but I have to have a schedule.  It's too hard for me to get up at 5 for days that I run, and then sleep in until 7 on rest days; all or nothing, party of 1!

Well the good/bad news is that I have so much freakin' reading to do for my class (see this pile, then add five more YA novels that have yet to be assigned, and then imagine my panicky face) that I can easily get up at 5am on non-running days to do more schoolwork.  So day #1 of that is in the bag too!  I guess I'll get back to you after tomorrow morning's tempo run.  Eeks.

1 day down 125 to go.  ;)

P.S.  Thank God today was a rest day, because it's currently a heat index of 97, and the air is so thick with humidity that I lost my breath walking up the parking ramp stairs and my HR got waaaaaaay above my happy recovery rate, fo sho.  Heat acclimation?  Hasn't occurred yet.

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..:danielle:.. said...

woo hoo! you are rocking it girrrrrrlllll! best cheerleader ever for your rest day. boom.
also, i just looked at 18/55... how the F did i do that last year?! good luck. ill enjoy my 16 mile weeks thanks.