Sunday, July 28, 2013

Marathon Training + Vegas Vacation

I had high hopes that I'd be able to jump right back in to marathon training the morning after I returned from Vegas.  These hopes may have been delusions, as I'm now understanding.

I went to Vegas to celebrate the nuptials of my bestie Jenn, and purposely did not bring any running clothes, shoes, etc. only sequin dresses.  Duh.  I had planned to still get all of my miles in Thursday-Sunday, and be super runner Jerbear.  Uh... I forget how much terrible sleep, super rich and decadent foods, a seriously lack of water (does champagne have any hydrating properties???), and too much booze (see previous:  ALL of the champs) wreaks havoc on your body.

But at least Vegas was fun and totally worth missing some miles!


..:danielle:.. said...

as your biggest cheerleader i am A-OK with drinking and friends and vegas and weddings! but now its time to man back up and get those miles going.

Kristin Miller said...

That green dress is AWESOME!!! Glad you had fun!!!