Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another Short Term Goal

This weekend I spent a few minutes updating my running log (for the last month...wth, I used to do this IMMEDIATELY after a run I'LL HAVE ALL OF THE DATA FOR $500 PLZ ALEX). I realized that I'm about 150 miles from hitting 800 for the year. Some quick calculations later I figured that averaged out to just slightly over 4 miles/day until the end of the year. Hmm.....

Doable.... but a bit of a challenge, so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (there is an exorbitant amount of caps lock in this post, much apologies).

I told Kyle my goal and his response was

KK: Almost to 1600 miles!?! That's awesome!!
JL: Um no... almost 800.
KK: Oh, that's like WAY lower than you've done before.
JL: Thanks babe.

I then kindly reminded him I was in grad school for 3/4 of the year and really only started running regularly again in June, and then I told him to go shove it (or else I just thought that part in my brain....).  I'm afraid to even look at my mileage goal post, because I think it is around 1600....

Hey, life happens, eh?

Thank God there's a 2014 for redemption!

Speaking of redemption, Saturday I had an AWESOME 6 mile run. I haven't had a 6 mile run that fast outside of the 2 10ks I've ran this year, and to be honest, even with a 2 mile cooldown, my overall pace wasn't that far off my 10k paces! AND the run was on hills.

Many thanks to the NCAA XC D1 and D2 championships for providing much runspiration pre-run, as well as Emily and other JFK 50 Mile participants as I watched the finishing stream for that as well and vowed never ever to run a 50 miler, like ever. But that ALSO helped get me out the door, because hello, they just ran 50 miles and look better than I do after a five mile jog. Craziness.

This pic.... can't even handle how much I adore it. Major runner girl crush on Abbey D! I should've attempted to solidify our BFF-dom when I got to watch her run in Des Moines this summer at the T&F C'ship.

Oh, and in other Oh s---- news, today marks one month left in my 20s. OMG!

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..:danielle:.. said...

love! good luck with your streak :) drinking is way more fun though, just sayin. ohhhh kyle haha.