Thursday, November 28, 2013

Being Thankful

Happy Turkey day to all of you! I hope you're all stuffing yourself silly with all the delicious foods today, regardless of if you got in a run to counteract some of the calories. Woof. I'm feeling especially grateful this year, so I wanted to write a post of gratitude. Cliche post, party of one!

The people I've met and friendships I have formed through running. Some of my very best friends I've met because of running and social media. Whenever I travel for a race (and meet someone for the first time while crashing at their apartment for the weekend, oh hai Krista!) I'm always floored by how amazingly awesome runners are.

My family and their health. My dad had a terrifying health scare this past spring and I am forever grateful for each and every holiday that I get to spend with him, my mom, and the rest of my family. I'm pretty lucky to be a member of our clan even if they do drive me crazy some/most of the time. :)

Kyle and the pug. My two besties, I'd be lost without them. The two best snuggle partners and partners in crime a girl could ask for.

Being healthy. Well, semi-healthy. I currently have a rib out of place keeping me from any turkey trotting or any "making room for turkey" calorie burning via running this morning. Super rude. But honestly, I've spent a LOT of time being frustrated with my body breaking down over running the past few years. I'm glad it's allowing me to do what I want to right now.

My job and all most of our patrons. :) While getting out of bed to go to work is never fun, being there almost always is. I adore all the teens that I get to work with planning and implementing programs that make the library fun for them. I had a teen come in to the library on Tuesday night, run up to the desk and say "I saw you in the paper on Sunday!" (there was an article about a book club I started in the paper). First of all, you're a teen and you read the paper? No wonder you're one of my faves, and secondly, he made my day. :) I look forward to seeing my little storytime munchkins in the library and my heart melts whenever they point me out as "their storytime teacher" to their family members. And everyone in between who'll stop in to say thanks for helping them find a book or recommend a title to add to my always growing to read list. Uff.

Also if anyone wants to spend the evening watching the Thanksgiving episodes of Friends that's totally going to happen over here. RSVP to Ollie.

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..:danielle:.. said...

i watched them all yesterday. cant wait til we run together! happy thanksgiving!!