Saturday, December 12, 2009

Race Goals + Adorable Nephew Pics

Race goals.  After the great foot pain of November, I had decided not to have a time goal for this race.  Fast forward to the great mock-a-than , and I got to thinking differently.  I was only a minute off from my actual PR and didn't feel taxed until the last mile when I was just running to be done.  Without further ado, here are my race goals.

Goal D:  Finish the race with a smile on my face.  Ok, I might not FINISH the race with a smile, but I hope to be wearing one for 98% of the 13.1 miles.

Goal C:  Finish under 9 minute pace.  I tried to shoot for right under 9 mm in my long runs for this training.

Goal B:  PR.  Run faster than 1:54:39 (8:44 pace set in the Sioux Falls 1/2 Marathon in September).

Goal A:  Run an 8:30 pace (1:51:26 ish).

Goal A++ (aka. Insane Pants):  Sub 1:50.  Miss Julie seems to think I can do it, so we'll throw it out there just for fun.

And now some pics of my adorable nephew, Harrison, and his little buddy, Mason.

Yeehaw.  The first thing he did this morning, after waking me up by snotty-breathing over the top of me while combing his hair, was to throw on his booooots.  Little cowboy.

Enjoying some animal crackers.  H was in control and would divvy out crackers to me and Mason.

Smiles for miles on the little ones.  It's seriously creepy how much H looks like my bro when he was his age.  CREEPY!!
Today I'm headed to the expo and to some ice sculpture show that's supposed to be crazy cool.  Hopefully my mind will be stimulated enough so I forget I'm running a half marathon tomorrow.  Ahem.  Have a good day ya'll.  [Had to throw in the ya'll.....]


Glenn Jones said...

Woo hoo! Race day is at hand!

Have a grat time and an awesome race. Of course, we will need blow by blow details!

Best of luck. At least you're out of he cold rght?

Slomohusky said...

Cute pix! Like the boots. Are you going to pick up some? Good luck and have fun. You will Rock it!

Jules said...

Have fun, girl! Stay relaxed and go with what feels right for the day.

Zoë said...

Good luck, Jeri! Have a blast and enjoy the run! :) You will rock it, girlie!

KAT said...

You'll do amazing...I just know it :)

trialsoftraining said...

LOVE the new pic on the side, rockin' the greeeen. ;)

race report soon, please! xo