Monday, January 11, 2010

It has been 36 days since my last long run...

So I have a confession to make, I haven't done a long run since December 5th.  Um ya... that's been over a month kids.  I've been pounding out the speedy miles like a crazy person, but just haven't knocked out anything too far, nothing about 6 miles.

I finally realized that I'm about 1 month away from starting marathon training, and that my program is assuming I'm running 25-30 miles/week leading up to it.  Kind of hard to run 25-30 miles/week without a long run.  Why not do 10 miles right?  And why not do them all on the treadmill right?  Because it's too effing cold outside, and running is just not worth it if you end up disfigured from extreme frost bite (or so I'm guessing, right?)

I waited until the AFC playoff game was on Sunday afternoon and then hit up the gym for 10 miles.  I ate a monster PB&J sandwich and banana and was off.  I wanted to run the 10 in an average of 9 minute miles, as per usual, so I started off a little above nine minutes, knowing I would get faster as I went.

The first few miles felt SLOW.  I think all of the speed work I've been doing has been helping the ol' legs out.  I was so stinkin' bored it was unreal.  And sweaty, like whoa.  I was wearing a cut off t-shirt and shorts, the chica next to me was wearing capris and long sleeves.  I wanted to tap her on the shoulder and inform her she wasn't outdoors and didn't need to bundle up.  However, she was about 75 pounds, so she probably did need the extra cover up.  Unlike me who was spraying her with my sweat droplets....mmmm sexy.

The first five miles went by pretty fast.  I had planned to take a water break at mile 5 since I suck at running and drinking.  As soon as I paused the treadmill, I started to feel pukey and started to lose my hearing.  Uh oh!  Someone's going to pass out!  That someone is ME!!!  I crouched down and put my head down and quickly tried to drink some water.  Once I found my legs I hobbled to the bathroom to take a seat on the pooper (my gym doesn't have a locker room, so no benches to be found).  When I finally got the world to stop spinning, I headed back out to the treadmill, but not before I caught a glimpse of my hot sallow, yellow skin.  You've seen race pictures of me, I turn RED when I run.  It was not so awesome.

I hopped back on the treadmill and vowed to just take the run slow.  I felt fine but I was definitely ready to poke my eyes out for miles 7-10.  SO STINKIN' BORED.  And I had really bad side cramps from all the water I chugged to keep from passing out.  i cranked up the speed the last mile and a half because I was just ready to be DONE.

I did 10 miles in 1:28:40 for a pace of 8:52.
1. 9:09
2. 9:03
3. 9:05
4. 9:00
5. 8:53
6. 8:53
7. 8:56
8. 8:43
9. 8:36
10. 8:17 

I've almost fainted a few times before post-long run, mostly in the shower (also not super fun). And it's typically from not eating enough (have I mentioned before I struggle with fueling for long runs?  TRUTH).  I ate the same breakfast I ALWAYS eat before long runs, but neglected to factor in that I usually take 2-3 GUs during a 10 mile run, which is at least another 300 calories.  I felt dumb taking them at the gym, so I didn't.  Ooops, you live and you learn right?  I sure did.

I was tagged by Lacey to make a list of 10 things that make me happy.  I'm quite chipper at the moment, so I might struggle with keeping it at ten!  But that's a-ok with me.  :)

  1. New running shoes.  Love trying them on.  Love picking them out.  Love the inaugural run in them.
  2. Cuddling.  If I could cuddle 23 hours out of a day, I would be in Jerbear heaven.
  3. Harry Potter.  I'm currently rewatching The Half Blood Prince.  Love love love.
  4. Racing.  I love to train my body hard and push it even harder during the "big" race.
  5. The Office.  Slightly Majorly in love with Jim Halpert.
  6. Ice cream.  Any and all kinds.  That's actually what I had for supper tonight.  And last night, come to think of it.
  7. Fat Tire beer.   Mmmmmm.
  8. My Green Bay Packers.  Still a diehard, and can't wait to see what fall 2010 brings for my boys!
  9. My black and white Chuck Taylors.  I think they've become my signature shoe, and I quite like it.
  10. Holding hands.  Even though my hands sweat buckets, there's something oh-so-sweet about holding hands.
I tag everyone who would like to do this.  It was fun.  And to be honest, I could easily get 100 in.  But HP is calling.

I thought I would share some pictures from this weekend with you kids.  It was my old roomies birthday so we took her out to celebrate.

Ariel and I redeeming ourselves from some poor poor pictures from Mel's wedding previously this fall.

The birthday girl and I with the 2-6 representing.

We are uber photogenic, especially when together.  That's neat.

Great times had by all.  And yes, if you were following along on twitter, I managed to lose my phone, had my car at the birthday girls house, and needed some major reinforcements to take on the reconnaissance mission.  All was successful in the end.


X-Country2 said...

Pretty pretty girls!

Zoë said...

You have such a stinkin' cute smile, Jeri! Gorgeous!

Also, that's not good that you were feeling woozy after the 5 miles. Is it because you were on a treadmill? And by the way, HOLY CRAP, you ran 10 miles on a TREADMILL?!?! You are crazy, girl.

Oh, and I love love love The Office too. "Watch the nipples, Kevin!" heehee

Anonymous said...

Uhm, 10 miles on the 'mill?!! NO idea how you did that....and with negative splits! :) go JerBear! oof, that's rough!

HP + Ice cream + Jim Halpert....mmmm, Yah I can get behind that list of yours!

Glenn Jones said...

Girl - take it easy!!! Yes - the expectation is that you should have a decent base, but it doesn't mean you need to get there in one week! We need you in one piece for your first marathon. It's okay to back off - especially on a treadmill.

RunToTheFinish said...

Be careful!! I don't want a story about you passing out and getting flung against the wall

Lacey Nicole said...

cuddling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheh, yes.

way to run 10 miles on a treadmill ! i am totally with you i would not want to take a gu at the gym... but... i agree with you too that you gotta do what you gotta do. i am so impressed with your last two miles for feeling not quite right-- you rocked them! my goal is ALWAYS to finish faster than i started and it is not really that easy to do :)

btw-- can you send LR vibes my way? i am in EXACTLY your boat-- i don't do LR anymore, and every 2 wks i'll man up and run 10 miles, but it's hard everytime cuz i'm not building up, and i don't keep it up. gotta get back!!!!

Lacey Nicole said...

ps have you seen IT'S COMPLICATED????? jim is in it and i loooooooooove him in it! hilarious!

Morgan said...

Welcome back to the world of long runs!!! I'm glad you made it through ok but seriously girl... work on the hydration and fuel that is no bueno!!!

Ali said...

Great pics ... and well done on the 10 miler, nice pace. My long runs start this weekend

Jules said...

Way to crank out that 10-miler on the treadmill! Be careful and get a little more fuel in you, good thing to start practicing now before you start marathon training.

Trying To Heal said...

woman! what you thinking now fueling properly before running! do i need to come down there and feed you? :)

J said...

on your comment on my blog - did you mean what kind of snow shoes? My parents have the LL Bean 99 dollar ones and they are the best. I just wore my boots with the snow shoes and my feet just go in and you pull the straps tight! Let me know if you want anymore info!

I just sweated like a gallon in spin class so i know what you mean! Great job on the run! I dont know how you do it on the treadmill! After about 4 miles I am done!

Heather said...

10 miles on the treadmill? Yuck. You are hardcore! During this time of year, I usually change the definition of "long run" to mean anything more than 5 miles just to make myself feel better.