Sunday, November 14, 2010

Memory Lane

Thursday night I had an easy 9 mile run to do.  I let someone with an infinity for hills map out my run so it turned out to be less than easy.  Hills = hell to me.  I didn't even know there were that many hills in this town!  Give me my flat bike path any day.  I ended up cutting the run short to 7 miles because I stupidly got my flu shot Thursday morning and my entire upper body felt like it got hit by a bus.

I did 7 miles in 1:08:15 for a pace of 9:45.

A good chunk of my run was spent running around my alma mater.  I ran around some old party houses surrounding school and the campus, and it was a ridiculous run through memory lane.  I'm definitely one of those people that loooooooooved college.  I would go back in 12 seconds (if someone else was paying for it, of course).  I started tabulating a list of things that I loooooooved and miss about college and that got me through a good 2 miles worth of hells.  ;)

Things I miss about college:
  • Having your best friend live 10 feet away.  I'm not sure how many times Megan could hear me sprint down the hall before the typical two knock and enter to tell her whatever story of the day.
  • 1am coffee and junk food runs.  I'm a girl that loves my junk food.  And it's just dandy to have someone join you for those.  :)
  • Cute smart football players.  I went to a super smart school, so 90% of the football players were actually super duper smart as well.  Where do I sign up for my jersey chasing card? :p  Sidenote:  This ruined me for real life.  Where are all the real world smart football players?!?!? :(
  • Theme parties.  I swear my friends would throw a theme party every other weekend.  Here's just a few pictures I was able to find.

Anything but clothes party senior year.  Scarf+pillow case for me.  PACE flag for Meg-o.  Green fabric to cover the bum.

80's theme sophomore year.  Sidenote: Most of my guy friends wore pairs of my shorty shorts with their outfits.  :)

Golf hoes/Tennis pros party senior year.  Sadly this was the night before me and Meg's first half marathon, so we were hydrating the whole night.  Still couldn't pass up a good theme party!
Dress your Own Theme party night before graduation.
We dressed up as two of our good guy friends (Megan's had a mustache obviously).  Somehow a food fight broke out.... The details are hazy.

Toga party during homecoming senior year.  Again..... a pillow case for me.  
And a flower stolen out of someone's garden.

Toga party junior year.  I remember walking blocks to the party in a blizzard.  What a treat.
  • Being able to procrastinate starting a paper until the night before it was due, knocking out 15 pages, and pulling off an A-.  Hmmm... maybe if I had tried, I would've gotten a 4.0.  Details.....
  • Intramurals.  I was an intramural nut!  Not only did I work at our rec department creating all of the intramural schedules for 70-80 intramural events, but I also participated in...uh... almost everything.  Take my competitiveness for running and multiply that times 100.  I have at least 15 intramural championship shirts under my belt.
Our stellar women's volleyball team.
 Our super tall 3 on 3 team. We averaged about 5'3" I think. DOMINATION.
And our B.A. co-ed volleyball team.
  • Having someone else prepare your meals for you.  Even if they were garbage 90% of the time.
  • Spending 90 minutes studying for a test and doing well on it (I have extreme test anxiety, so this was quite the feat for me).
  • Being around a ton of people that have common interests.  Being in an office where I'm essentially the only non-married, non-parent makes me long for the days where everyone was the same.  Hah.

Alright.  Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.  :)

Gooooooooooooo VIKES!


Jamie said...

man I miss college. you had some great theme parties going on!

Emily said...

I hear ya. Augie was a great place to go to school and I definitely have days when I fondly walk down memory lane :-)

Glenn Jones said...

I miss college too and I got out 25 years ago! Thanks for sharing memory lane with us.

Anonymous said...

I never went away to college but I sure did party it up at my friend's schools!!! I loved going to parties!

I have no idea how I worked, went to school, partied, procrastinated AND carried a 3.8!!! If only I had that energy now!