Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clarification + Obsession

So a lot of people have been confused after I posted my last blog.  To clarify:  I did not get a new job.  The new job celebration beers were for a co-worker.  Apparently I need to re-visit 5th grade english to figure out how to word that properly to stifle the confusion.  My bad guys.

And now more importantly:

I'm obsessed.  Real bad.  I started watching season 1 last weekend.  Last night I rushed home from work, through on my pjs, and plopped down with the goal to dominate the rest of season one (like 7-8 episodes).  Winner winner chicken dinner.

Bets on if my long run will be pushed back until season 2 has been finished?  It's currently 9:30 and I'm on episode 3 of 12.

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