Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Puggy Turks says Happy Valentine's Day! 
::snort snort::

I did not get a Valentine's Day pug.  Sniffle.  I didn't expect one, but that doesn't mean I would've turned one down.  The black pug I wanted to go visit at a shelter in the cities this weekend, got adopted this past weekend, according to the rescue's facebook page.  Secretly, I hoped that Kyle had got her for me.  What?  A girl can dream, right?

My running streak ended with today.  Seven days in a row.  I don't know how people do running streaks. Granted, I understand that a lot of people do one milers to count towards the streak but essentially as a rest day, but still.  Might be fun to try someday.  100 consecutive days?  Sounds awesome.  Sounds like something I won't be doing any time soon.  I heart rest days.

Also, I heart all of you!  I hope you have the greatest of great Valentine's days whether you're spending it with your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, booty call, kitty/pug snuggle bunny, bestie!

And just for fun, let's share some best and worst Valentine's Day memories!  In high school, it was customary to put balloons in lockers of the person you liked/were dating, whatever.  My high school boyfriend was a super nice guy.  I think one Valentine's Day I had enough helium balloons at the end of the day to carry my 100 pound scrawny frame to my house a few blocks away.  Wheeeeeee!

Last year, being the romantic gal that I am, I gave Kyle the Ninja Star Death Flu.  Needless to say, I spent Valentine's Day all by my lonesome, and he spent it with the bathroom.  Sorry KP!

Now your turn!


Kristin Miller said...

WHOA! You and KP over a year?! I didn't realize it had been that long...or that long that I have read your blog...yet it's longer than that. Ha. Congrats on the rest day. I'm on rest day 2 and a bikini is 7 days away from me...eek. Worst memory: I was single on Vday in college all. three. years. Until year four. Thank God for Mr. Miller, in NYC, on a snow day (My favorite), Little Italy didn't know what hit them!!!

Kristin Miller said...

Ps. Seriously. Come to NYC. Lambeau Puppy would BASK in your attention and love and act like I don't give him any. Daily. Hourly. I love him.

Morgan said...

Worst: I had been dating this guy for a few months and I arrived at his house with a basket full of goodies for him and each of his roommates (this was college years) and dressed up rather hot (if I do say so myself), and he says "so Burger King sound good?" He wasn't joking. I would go on to date him for three years. Three equally disappointing years... I used to be an idiot.

Best: The low key ones Spike and I have; each year we swap who cooks dinner and who gets dessert. The TV stays off and we just enjoy each other's company... or annoy each other.... whichever. :)

JFord said...

my worst V-Day was when I had my mom drive me to pick up my date and I got the address wrong. So I go up to the door, ring the bell and I am standing there with a flower in hand and who opens the door but the jerkiest, biggest, meanest kid in school. He laughed his butt off at me for weeks because of that.

Susan said...

One of my best Vdays involved burritos and watching Maryland-Duke basketball. I'm so romantic. This year it involved working at the hospital. My dates were three years old and six months old. Awww.