Thursday, November 10, 2016

Milwaukee Running Festival Marathon

This past Sunday I was supposed to run a marathon. I didn't.

After my mom passed away in August, I wasn't sure what I would do about my upcoming marathon. On one hand I thought I might enjoy training for it, and give my brain a break from all the emotions and grief. On the other hand, I thought the stress of marathon training on top of the stress of my grief might kill me. I looked up the transfer policy and realized I had to the end of October to make a decision. Phew.

After marinating on it for a few weeks, I ultimately decided not to run the race. I knew I could do it. Complete the race. Likely in a 5+ hour time. But that wasn't my intention when I signed up for the race. When I signed up, I was falling back into l-o-v-e love with running, my mom's health was looking up, and I was ready to put in the work to run a decent marathon time, 4:20s-4:30s. I did NOT want to slog through another 5 hour marathon that left me hating running and marathons in general.

And so it was decided. No marathon in 2016. Meaning my last one was over two years ago. If i sign up before the end of the year, I can get my deferred entry to Milwaukee for $10. I'm still not sure if I want to run a fall marathon next year; Kyle kindly suggested that maybe I don't even do marathons anymore. To which I replied, "Yeah if I could just run ONE GOOD ONE, I could retire....."

26.2 TBD.

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