Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Half Marathon a Month 2017?

During a long leisurely walk this past weekend, I started thinking of my race plan for 2017. Somewhere in the middle of that thought process I had the idea of a half marathon every month in 2017. Would that be insane? I asked myself. No slash maybe. Would that be expensive? I then asked myself... uh... probably. Definitely.

I already have half marathons planned for January, March, May, June, September and October. There would be a local-ish race in April I could add, as well as some Ortho race$$$ in the Twin Cities for July and August. Which would cause me to travel for November and December. Dallas half in December is always a good excuse to head down south to see the family. If Milwaukee stays in November, I'm already planning to head out there to see Renee and my other lovely Wisconsin runner friends.


Anyone want to sponsor a Jerbear to make this goal possible?!! [insert cry/laughing emoji here please]

But seriously if you have a local race in one of my "off" months and flights are magically cheap from Sioux Falls, I'll be planning to stay on your couch or spare bedroom. Thaaaaanks!

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