Monday, March 5, 2018

Clothes Buying Freeze 2018

In early January, I read an article about a woman who didn't allow herself to buy any clothes, shoes or accessories for an entire year. 

First thought: That's crazy!
Second thought: I wonder if I could do this.
Third thought: I should totally do this.

I love clothes. I love workout clothes, I love running clothes, I love yoga clothes, I love to look nice for work, I love to look nice on the rare chance that Kyle and I go out, I love to look nice when I'm on vacation and take thousands of pictures.

I am employed by a running store for goodness sakes! I see their cute clothes every single week at least once, if not 2-3 times. There have been times that I've gotten paid to teach yoga and left with $0 in my pocket because I've been eyeing an item all month.

But, last year, I did a huge purge of items--stuff, junk, clothes sold and donated. And it really helped me think about what I purchased, for the most part. But at this point, I don't need anything. I have more running clothes than a human could need or want. I have so many cute clothes for work for all the seasons, and shoes as well. Nothing nada.

So I should be able to do this, right? I recruited Toni to be my sponsor, but within the first week she bought a jacket. Fail.

I created a set of rules for myself to follow: I can buy something if it's a necessary replacement item (ie: bra,  I'm on the verge of not fitting in my one pair of jeans, so those might need to be replaced, and a warm winter running jacket as mine is an XS from 7 years ago, and rides up over my belly every time I run). Additionally: I received some gift cards from friends and family to 605 Running Co. for Christmas and my birthday, so those can be used on whatever. I also anticipate needing some new running shoes as mine cycle through with too many miles. But a J Crew sale? Nope. A Modcloth frenzy on dresses? No ma'am.

I'm two full months in, and it's been....challenging. There have been some cute things that I almost bought without thinking until my brain reminded me that I wasn't buying clothes.

And just so you don't think I'm just saving this money, don't you worry, I fully intend on using the money to decorate our house. We've lived here for almost 2 years, I think it's about time it looks like it!

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Renee said...

I made it about 7-8 months the year I was diagnosed, but then I bought some clothes that I needed for post-surgery and everything else. I'm trying again this year. I do not need work, running, yoga anything. I also made exceptions for new sports bras.