Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's a Christmas-gram? I WANT ONE!

So the holidays have come and gone. Of course that means that I'm in a deep dark wine & cheese induced depression. A whole year to wait until the next holiday season. Alas, it was a good one.

Christmas was fabulous, as usual. Santa let me have some extra time off this year, from making toys of course (what a jolly ol' saint of a man) so I was able to do some celebration Christmas Eve & Christmas day with my family and Taylor's family. Taylor's Christmas was a drunken mess, as usual, (mess=an amazing amount of fun and merriment) with more presents stacked under one tree then I've ever seen total in my life. Christmas Day we spent with my family back home, which was a good time. I got some great new appliances that I needed for my new apartment and some cool things to decorate it with, along with some clothes.

Of course, the most important day came after Christmas. My quarter of a century birthday. 25. Big deal. Or at least I made it out to be a big deal. Taylor had to work (boo) for a good chunk of it, good thing he was almost done by the time I got out of bed. Did some shopping (as usual) with Miss Mel, finding absolutely nothing that tripped my trigger (double boo). After that Taylor was done working, and he took me out for my birthday lunch to Sushi Masa. The single greatest restaurant I have ever dined. Seriously. Unfortunately, they were no longer seating people or taking names for lunch time diners (triple boo). Oh well, getting our order to go allowed me time to shop at my favorite used book store and Zambroz.

Then we had a small crowd over to my new apartment (after the in between 2 hours were spent thoroughly cleaning and finishing unpacking my apartment) for a Guitar Hero tourney.

I used my shiny new blender to whip up some strawberry margaritas. APPARENTLY, tequila can go bad, so they were rancid. Whoopsies. I'll remember that for the future (I think). I let Barry win the tourney so he wouldn't feel bad about losing to a girl, and we were off to the bars. Many many shots were taken at Shenanigans and I think I finally lost the headache that I had from that night.

One of the best birthdays I can remember (no pun intended), thanks to all those who celebrated with me, or wished me a happy birthday.

After 5 days off of work, I dreaded going back on Monday, but the 3 days flew by and last night was New Years Eve. We celebrated at Taylor's BEST BUD ZIMMY'S new house in formal attire. My personal favorite way to celebrate the new year. Well that and a bottle and a half of wine and a whole block of pepperjack cheese. Seriously. Now another day off today to watch football and play the Wii (ie: beat Taylor at the Wii) work tomorrow and the weekend again.

2008 was great, and I'm excited about what 2009 will bring!!

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