Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!

Last Wednesday I got super bummed out because I thought it was Ash Wednesday, thus meaning I had missed Mardi Gras.  Once I got my dates straight, I was happy to not have missed it.  So what am I doing to celebrate?  Sitting at the library.  Twittering.  My new obsession.  And I do mean OBSESSION.  Not that I update all that much on there, but it's just fascinating finding new people to follow.  Really it's just a large stalker realm, but whatever.  Stalk on.
I had my first run outdoors since the bitter cold hit (and since slightly before that since I got purty lazy after my 1/2 marathon in September).  Let me tell you.  Running around outside is a gazillion times better than running on a stupid machine, in a stupid hot gym, staring at your stupid reflection in a window.  It was fab.  Of course there's snow in the forecast tomorrow.  But whatever.

I think I might wear some beads to the grocery store after this.  Just to show folks what's up.  :)

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