Sunday, February 22, 2009


I went to my gym Friday night after work to get a little running in.  The way my gym is set up (like most any other gyms) is with the treadmills in the front, facing the floor to ceiling windows leading to the outside.  Of course this leads to good stalking of gym members.  As I'm running, I see a lady hop into a car.  Apparently her hubby, boyfriend, whatever came to pick her up from the gym, so sweet.  As SOON as she gets in the vehicle, she pulls out a cigarette and lights up.  Don't worry, she did roll the window down at least one centimeter so that the poor kids in the back can have some "fresh" air.  Meanwhile, I'm criticizing her to no end for ruining her workout with smoke.  Eew.

After I got done at the gym, I drove across the street to the liquor store to get two bottles of wine.  Um..  yeah.  I'm a hypocrite.  Whoops.  :)

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