Sunday, October 4, 2009

Number of snot rockets blown > Number of miles ran

I'd been looking forward to Friday lunch time since it was suggested on Monday that we should do some sushi. I used to eat sushi probably 3-4 times a month, but have cracked down a bit on my finances, and realized I hadn't gone in about 6 weeks. GAH!!! 10 times out of 10 I get the same meal because I am just head over heels in love with it. They have a crazy lunch time special where you can pick two choices out of about 20 options, and it comes with a salad, miso soup (not pictured because it was already in my belly), for $8.95. Awesomeness. :) I got the sushi which comes with shrimp, tuna, and salmon along with a spicy tuna handroll and sashimi which consists of salmon, tuna, and yellowtail (I think).

I also always get a shrimp tempura roll because they are my single favorite thing in the history of the world (overstatement? not at all). Yes this is a poop ton of food, but it lasts me for at least 2, if not sometimes 3, meals.
Since my pal and I are regulars (her waaaaaay more so than I) she always gets free fruit. Of course we had to play with it after consumption. Orange goggles? Why not?

Friday was a rest day. I had planned on doing yoga and sit ups/push ups, but did neither. Way to be lazy Jeri. :)

Saturday I had a 10 mile long run to do. I woke up very late, but realized I could totally do that since it was COLD out and would actually be beneficial to run at noonish since that's the warmest part of the day. I checked the weather and it was 43-46 degrees with 10 mph winds. What? I don't even know what to wear in that temp. I had to go back into my running log to see what the temps were for my 5ks from last spring to have a point of comparison. I ended up wearing capri running tights and a lightweight long sleeved top. I probably could've had another layer on top, but I survived.

Since I got up so late, I also didn't have much time to fuel. I had a mondo slice of zucchini bread and was on my way. No wait. Let's wait TEN minutes for the Garmin to find it's satellite. I mean, seriously....

Let me say, I LOVE running on crunchy leaves. There is nothing better than running in the fall. :) I will say that I was quite hungry, and was actually looking forward to taking my GU at 3.5 miles for some sustenance. Huge eating fail, I know. The run was pretty steady and easy going, nothing too exciting to report. Although I did see a HUGE, giant-proportioned man walking a miniature teacup tiny dog. It was pretty comical to see. Also, the right headphone for my iPod wouldn't work, so I'm probably slightly deaf in my left because of it.

The only real thing to note about the run was the mishap at the water fountain at mile 8. I bent down to take a swig, and pressed on the spout button, and felt like I was punched in the eye/nose! Something must've malfunctioned with the water pressure because I was seeing stars and had water gushing out of my nose (after it had already gushed UP it). It was so incredibly painful. After I was able to see again, I looked around, literally expecting someone with a video camera recording the prank. I was still thirsty, so with arm completely extended, I gave it a test, worked like a charm. I kept it running, and used the other hand to shield my eyes in case it should happen again. Stupid water. It was around this time that I started feeling a bit nauseous, but I'll chalk it up to not eating enough, and having only GUs in my belly.

I did 10 miles in 1:33:00, and 14 snot rockets in the same amount of time. Apparently cold weather makes for some snivellies, which propel quite awesomely, minus the dangling participle they leave behind. Nom nom. Here are my mostly negative splits.

1. 9:34
2. 9:27
3. 9:30
4. 9:26
5. 9:24
6. 9:18
7. 9:11
8. 9:21
9. 9:03
10. 8:42

After the run I barely had time to stretch, and NO TIME for an ice bath as I had to head to my grandpa's 80th birthday celebration, where my mom was putting on a murder mystery. Needless to say, when I ate dinner 5 hours later, I was in HEAVEN. No more slacking on long run fuelage, lesson learned.


Jamie said...

sushi looks amazing! And for such a good deal!

I don't know how you went 5 hours after the run not eating. OMG I would have died.

Morgan said...

Mmmmm sushi.... will def be partaking in mondo sushi consumption next week!

You waited 5 hours to eat?!?!? How is that even possible?!?!? I eat small children after my runs!

Great job on those negative splits!!!

Slomohusky said...

Nice split/times. All that food for 8.95 - sold!

CW and JRW said...

you are soooo freakin hilarious! miss ya! :) -cw

just me said...

dude, you totally rocked that run, given the circumstances! i bet i was running at the same time as you too. :)

and woman, don't make me jealous you had sushi and i haven't had it in months! fly down and hand deliver some to me????

Anonymous said...

"snovellies they leave behind. Nom Nom. " omg Jeri, LOL! ha grossssss

The only water fountain mishap I've had is the stupid thing NOT WORKING. talk about a freakin' Tease. My gawd. Although, I'm not sure I'd rather be punched in the face by it....

X-Country2 said...

I could eat sushi once a week. Wish we had more places around here. It's about all I eat when I travel.