Monday, October 19, 2009

Wedding + A Speedy 6

Saturday morning came bright and early.  We had to be at the bride's parents' house at 8:30am so it was an early morning.  The bride had 2 hair stylists at her place and a make up artist.  There was a spread of bagels (my favorite as you may have come to know by now :p) and fruits, including chocolate dipped strawberries.  YUM!!

Once we were all done up I realized how ridiculous Amanda and I looked in our track workout gear, full on make up and hair.  We decided to photograph the moment to let you know what we'd look like as beauty queen runners.  New look for the Dallas White Rock HM?  Perhaps... 

The bride decided she wanted a bright red lip on the bridesmaids, so don't think I'm crazy with the make up.  It didn't look...bad... just not my first choice.  Considering this is the first time I've actually WORN lipstick, it was a bit odd to do a bright red lip.  I'm more of a chapstick or lip gloss kind of gal.  A shot of the best man and I before pictures.

After we were done taking photos there were 9,000 family pics to be taken, so Amanda and I decided to have our own photo shoot.  :)  Here you can see the intense/crazy make up.  How pretty are the flowers?!?

So obviously I don't have any pictures of the actual wedding, but it was beautiful.  I cried probably 6-7 times.  I've lived with Mel (the bride) almost the entire time she's been dating Barry (the groom) and we've had many nights watching the Office and talking as a 4 some (including Taylor).  Just knowing how madly in love they are with each other made me soooo excited that they finally decided on forever with each other.  Hopeless romantic?  You bet.  :)

Ok, so first crappy thing about the day:  the food.  I should've been more prepared, but I wasn't.  The food for us pre-ceremony was fruit, veggies, and wraps.  I ate as much fruit and veggies as my stomach would allow, but I was still super hungry.  After the ceremony, we got on a party bus and stopped at some bars for 2 hours before the actual reception.  In hindsight, this was a bad idea.  Hah.  Turns out champagne goes STRAIGHT to your head when there's nothing in your belly.  :)

Amanda and I wanted to take our usual embracing pose but both of our hands were freezing.  While I was trying to warm up my hands between my legs, Lacey snapped this photo.  I think it's pretty hilarious.

The beautiful bride and I.  I'm not sure how many times I told her, "You're sooooooo pretty."  Because she truly was.  I want to get hitched just so I can look gorgeous.  :p

Me, Lacey, and Amanda at the first bar.  It's humorous that Lacey is the only one with a drink in her hand because she RARELY drinks when we all go out.  :)

My walking down the aisle partner, Kyle, and I posing on the bus.  There was a hawaiian theme, hence the leis and hula girl.

Amanda and I on the bus on the way to the reception.  I think it's cool that everything in the background is blurry.  :)
Old cheerleading pals (that's actually how I met Mel, we cheered for our colleges football team our sophomore and junior years together).  Jenn, Mel, & I.  Mel used to lift me in the air, and Jenn used to be my back spotter.

Ok, so rant #2 for the day (and again probably my fault) when we finally got to the reception, I thought, "Great!  Now I can get some food in my belly to soak up some boooooze."  Nope, it was appetizers instead of a sit down meal, and almost everything was meat.  :(  I had some more fruit, crackers and cheese.  Definitely NOT sufficient.  Oh well, it was a good time nonetheless.  I definitely shed some more tears during the speeches and thank yous at the reception and even more during the slideshow.  I'm just sentimental, what can I say?  :)

The dance was a blast (minus the part where I was in the bathroom trying to make the world stop spinning :p).  

And of course Taylor and I on the way home from the dance to the bar.  I managed to lose my camera (yes my NEW camera, again blame the lack of food) for a good 4 hours at the wedding, so that explains the lack of pictures.

As soon as I got home from the bar, I made a cheese pizza, and inhaled half of it.  This probably helped me to not be super sick on Sunday.  Thank God.  Sunday I woke up super early (6:30am) and couldn't sleep.  My stomach was pretty upset, but I think it was just frickin' hungry still.

I realized that my car was still at the church down town and I had no way of getting there.  I pulled up mapquest and realized it was about 5 miles to the church from my place and I had 6 miles to do on my training schedule.  PERFECT.  :)

At about 6pm (I still had to let my stomach settle) I set out for my run, thinking that the sun set at 7pm, giving me plenty of time.  Just kidding.  Did you know it sets closer to 6:30 now?  Me neither.  Do now.  It was fun because I got to run by my old college campus, thus running by some old running routes.  I did forget about the ghetto area in town and had a car of guys drive at my running speed for a couple of blocks telling me how fabulous my booty was (but in different words).  Mental note:  spandex capris are probably not the best in this area.  OH!  I forgot to mention, the weather was AMAZING.  It was 57 when I started running.  Oh beautiful fall weather.  :)

I did 6 miles with 4 of them at a tempo pace of 8:23.  The route was pretty hilly so my tempo miles were all over the place.  Eesh, oh well.  It was a fun run.  And I always love running errands.  :)

6 miles in 52:15 for a pace of 8:43.

1. 9:15 
2. 8:17 
3. 8:30 
4. 8:33 
5. 8:11 
6. 9:35

The tempo miles averaged out to really off, but spot on technically.  :)

Also, is there anything better than driving in your car with the windows down post-run?  It's soooooo nice.  


Morgan said...

So much fun at the wedding and look at you being all resourceful and running to your car. I would so have done that!!!

Lacey Nicole said...

oh my GOSH GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! i love love love the lips! i don't think the makeup is overdone at all and it photographs BEAUTIFULLY which is def what you want for events like weddings!!

hey heyy! another Lacey!! hehehehe.

AWWWWWWWWWWWW how pretty. i am in love with those dresses. and everything! the hair! the lips! gorgeeeeee.

Jamie said...

Here I was thinking so strange the bride to request red lipstick but it looks gorgeous! Loved all the dresses! Absolutely beautiful. Looks like a fun day!!!

I so would have called a cab to go get my car :) especially after a night of drinking. Nice job on the run!

Mica said...

1. I definitely think an up-do is required for your next race.

2. SPEEDY RUN! Go, JerBear, go!

RunToTheFinish said...

you look beautiful, she picked really great dresses!!!

ok I am shamelessly stopping by all the bloggies that I read daily to ask for their vote daily...from as many computers and friends as possible to help me win the job as the Sam-e Good Mood blogger

Glenn Jones said...

Psst. Got news for you Jeri - those are some gorgeous pictures of you!

Don't be jealous that we race through the winter either. This is our race season. We're too wimpy to race during the summer when we think it's hot.

Jules said...

You look beautimous in the wedding photos! Love that bridesmaid dress and it looks like you all had so much fun :)

Slomohusky said...

Great pix, looks like a fun event for everyone. Bride and bridesmades look fabulous! You will have your Day to be the former. Just make sure it is the right dude for you.

A utilitarian run to get your car. Running for a reason? :) All the running us runners do through the year, yet how many are purposeful? The worst of course - dreadmill runs. Have not been on one since a Hotel stay back in May. It was a nice Hotel, but only 4-5 blocks from a not so nice area. Yet, I doubt I would have anyone following me in truck for my nice booty. Well, you never know :)?

Got my Whoopie Pies. Delivered pretty fast. Good thing I don't live in New England, or I would have to become an ultrarunner. Too good and too many calories.

cw and jrw said...

Sounds like a blast! LOVE the pretty. -cw

Amanda said...

You look beautiful, I LOVE the red lip. It looked great with the neutral dresses. About the champagne, one of my professors in pharmacy school taught us that the closest you could get to IV alcohol was drinking champagne on an empty stomach.