Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May in Review + Toughest Workout

Total Miles:   96.7 down from 180 last month.  That's ok with taper time and recovery time factored in.  I was half tempted to do a 2nd run on Monday to get an even 100.  Good thing work #1 handed my booty to me. (74.3 one year ago.)

Total Time: 15:04:50 down from 27:49:32.  

Total Runs: 14 for an average of 6.9 miles/run.

Highest weekly mileage: 5/10/2010-5/16/2010:  38.2 miles 6:01:40

Favorite run: To be honest, I still have marathon brain.  I don't remember really anything pre-marathon as far as runs go.  And took mucho time off after, and am only getting back into the swing of things.  Just the fact that I was able to run within a week of the race should be considered a favorite; meaning I didn't get hurt during the 'thon.  Go legs!

Most hardcore run: 800 meter repeats.  See below for hardcore-osity.  It's legit.  

Favorite Race: Uh.  Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.  Duh.

Current Jams:  Lovin' Kevin Rudolph's--I Made It.  Alyssa suggested it to me for my marathon playlist, and when I heard it during the race I seriously got choked up.  Good jam for that sort of accomplishment fo sho.
Since I kinda wussed out on my mile repeats last week (or in more gentler terms, i knew my legs weren't 100% ready for speed work yet), Monday's work out was my first legit speed work session of the summer.  I had 6 miles total with 1 mile warm up, and 5x800 @ 3:34-3:44 with 800 m. jogs in between.  I was totally amped up to do these runs, and the weather was actually fairly nice.

I'm going to be honest when I say, I kicked my own ass.  Holy cow.  I had many many tough track practices back in the day, but I think this is one of the hardest workouts I've ever done.  That puke threshold people are always talking about?  Hit it.  Twice.  Impressed?  Because I sure as heck am.  Holy cow.  

Recovery1 Mi9:239:239:23warm up
Interval0.5 Mi3:3813:017:16
Recovery0.5 Mi5:0718:0810:14
Interval0.5 Mi3:3821:467:16
Recovery0.5 Mi5:0626:5210:12
Interval0.5 Mi3:4230:347:24
Recovery0.5 Mi5:2235:5610:44
Interval0.5 Mi3:4239:387:24
Recovery0.5 Mi5:2845:0610:56
Interval0.5 Mi3:4348:497:26
Recovery0.5 Mi5:0953:5810:18

I always post this from my log on Runners World and never explain it.  Column 1 time is split, Column 2 is total elapsed time, Column 3 is pace/mile.

I walked ~.05 after each half and then jogged the remaining .45.  Puke threshold (ok, dry heave threshold) was reached at 800 #4 and #5.  

I did 6 miles in 53:58 for a pace of 9:00.  800 m. pace avg. = 3:40.

I found it was pretty easy to hit the paces, and in some cases over shoot them, but I did struggle with maintaining them the last .05-.1 of each interval.  Good to know what your weaknesses are off the bet so you can work on them, right? :)

Someone commented on the daily mile that if these were Yasso 800's I'd be looking at a pretty major marathon PR (and likewise a BQ, bahah).  Which got me to doing some research on them.  Has anyone used these in their marathon training?  I quite enjoy 800 meter repeats (in a sick masochistic way), and am contemplating trying it out for a sub-4 finish in Vegas in December.
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Jenny said...

I did a Yasso workout before my Dallas marathon- hit all 10 800's between 3:43 and 3:45...and... Got a 3:42 at Dallas!! So, they seemed to work for me :) I mean, I guess it isn't a magical workout that guarantees a race time, but rather a good predictor of your fitness level related to a marathon finish. I think. Either way, I'm a fan.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that song!!! Thanks for the link love! You'll be sad to know I experienced some awful ice cream last night....I didn't think that was possible, but oh it was!

J said...

Great job on the month! I think that the Yassos may be an indicator but it also depends on your training. I know that i could prolly do 800 repeats in the time that you did them but no way could i run a marathon that fast!

Anonymous said...

I like your current jam!

aron said...

NICE job on the 800s!! mine killed me last night :'(

Anonymous said...

SPEED DEMON. Keep it up...btw...i've employed your inquisition styled 800m repeat sessions into my tempo run session...and I nomrally am drenched and prayin for forgiveness when I'm done. THANKS for the moto!!!

Mica said...

My boyfriend did Yasso 800's for Chicago in the fall. I think they worked pretty well, though I'm not sure how consistent the 800 splits were with his overall time. I'll ask and see what he says.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

seriously so impressed with you!

Anonymous said...

What are Yasso 800s?? I suppose I could look it up - but if you already know, I'll just count on that. ;) ha

Either way, way to get back out there for speed so quickly! You're definitely recovering w/o any issues - quite impressive, lady!

Heather said...

I love 800's. You definitely have a BQ in those speedy legs of yours!

..:danielle:.. said...

um yeah so i want to love track workouts and all but i dont love puking. maybe ill try a few at say a 4 minute pace to start? :)

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Your such a hardcore runner, I admire that!! Great workouts for the past month too.