Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And Jeri with the Personal Distance Record Assist!

Saturday marked the first official long run of MARATHON TRAINING for Vegas, with 16 miles.  One of my college friends was going to be back in town from San Diego for the weekend, and mentioned that she'd love to come along for part of the run.  Running buddy?  Yes please!!!!  She's been having some IT band issues, so she was hoping she could make it 7-8 miles with me.  I woke up Saturday morning, checked the clock, and realized that we were supposed to meet up for our run in 9 minutes!!!!  WTH alarm clock???  I called her to see if she was on her way yet, and of course she was just arriving.  I hustled to put in my contacts and get all my long run shiz together.  No time to eat and wait for my food to -ahem- digest, so pre-long run fuel fail right off the bat. 

Molly and I actually cheered together in college [Gooooooooooooooo VIKES!]  <--never in reference to the purple and gold mind you.  She was the most amazing back spot in the history of stunting, I swear she almost singlehandedly threw me in the air, no wonder my bases liked stunting with me, they didn't have to do any of the work.  :p  Plus she was itty bitty teeny tiny, so when I had to base for her, it was super easy.  Anyhow, both of us have found a love for running after college.

We started the run and it was gloriously cool out.  We chatted the run away talking and catching up.  We were running a pretty conservative pace, but I tend to slow down when yapping, and I didn't want to run her legs off her since her IT bands have been pissy lately.  We got to the 4 mile turn around and she was doing great.  About 6 miles in she decided she wanted to run 10 with me.  Sure, why not?  We doubled back to my apartment so I could grab my handheld and a GU.  Then she decided, why not do the full 16:  her longest run to date!  Uh... ok!  :)  We had to take some stretch-the-IT-bands-breaks, but our pace was super consistent, and even sped up over the last 6 miles!

In all of our running and racing talk, I think someone may have gotten the itch to attempt a marathon!  So maybe a San Diego marathon may be in my future as well.  But unfortunately my savings account already dictates that 2011 is out of the question.  2012?  I'm there.  :)

We ended up doing 16 miles in 2:37:59 for a pace of 9:53.

Oddly enough, at 13.1 our time was 2:11:09, which is 1:09 off from the pace I'm supposed to be leading some Mankato half marathoners to in a week and a half.  The fact that I ran that close to pace without even looking at my watch makes me much more calm about having to do it for realsies.

Other than the fact that my hips HATED me after stopping for Molly's stretch breaks, my body felt good and I definitely felt strong at the end.  Which is extremely surprising since I only had 2 GUs during the run.  Maybe we'll try to eat before the next long run.  ;)

After the run it was time to shower up quick and head to my alma mater's homecoming game.  I met up with Molly and her mom and we showed off our remaining school spirit.  Until it started to pour, and then the school spirit was masked by a blanket over our heads.  :)

I also ran in to one of my college besties, Alex!  He joked that our last homecoming picture (my senior year his freshman year) he was a lot skinnier, and oddly enough I was less skinny. 

Once our boys had an insane lead at the end of the third quarter, I decided to usher myself home instead something a little warmer than a skirt and light hoodie.  Uh... yeah.

After a neverending pasta bowl from the Olive Garden that absolutely won this round (next time, I swear, I will WIN!) it was off for a night on the town with Melissa, Molly and one of her friends.  I heart nights out with my lady friends.  :)

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Amy - the gazelle said...

I can't help it, every time you mention your alma mater, I want to comment with a "GOOOOOOO JACKS!" :) (At least you're not a Coyote - I might have to stop reading.)

Nice job on the 16! Run a few miles for me while I'm recovering!

Heather said...

Nice long run - and a San Diego marathon would be so fun!

I am psyched that you may also be running Fargo! My sister ran it in '09 and I spectated and it looks like a great course.

Jamie said...

Nice job to you both on the 16! I couldn't have done that with no breakfast. Sounds like you are in excellent shape to pace some other peeps :)

worthy said...

wow, cool! they did a great job! I will try :P. By the way, I am now using Pilates Stretch Bands for doing exercise. What about you?

Teamarcia said...

Very nice 16--especially with rushed fueling!

Andrew Opala said...

amazing pace for such a long distance ... and you guys are pretty too

you guys don't know how hard it is to be slow and ugly!

Ed said...

-ahem- HAHAHA! You are funny, friend.

Anonymous said...

Awesome long run. Vegas would be so fun! I've wanted to run the Vegas marathon for awhile now. maybe next year?

BrianFlash said...

I'm looking for marathon recommendations for my 2011 schedule. Come on over to my blog and let me know your thoughts!

Badgergirl said...

Nice job on the first long run of marathon training! It's hard to believe Las Vegas is getting so close!

Anonymous said...

Aww! This looks like so much fun! That's so great that you got some company for your run! Running alone all the time blowssss!