Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pacing Practice + Mankato Half Marathon Prep

Thursday night I had an easy 7 miles on the schedule and decided to attempt to do them at half marathon pacing pace for Saturday of 9:55.  I did some quick reading on how to change my Garmin to show average pace for the run and I was off.  I magically had a 7 mile route mapped out on runstoppable so I was excited, especially because it went through my old stomping grounds.  It's a bit hilly to get there, and a little hilly to get back home, but it's a great residential area that makes running at night okay (IMO).  Plus there's very little traffic, so I'm able to run on the road for a majority of it.  Win WIN win.

I referenced my watch whenever I came under a street light, but just took the run at an easy pace.  98% of the time the average pace was right on with the 9:55.  I naturally sped up the last mile just because I was ready to be DONE and EAT, so I made myself slow down so I could finish right on the nose.

I did 7 miles in 1:09:26 for a pace of 9:55.  Hurrah.

So tomorrow I head to Mankato MN to spend some time at the race expo and meet the other pacers for the Mankato Marathon and Half Marathon, and meet up with Miss ALYSSA!!!  She's pacing the 1:55 group because she's speeeeeeeeeeeeedy.

Now it's time to unpack my suitcase from the Twin Cities 10 Miler (yes it's still sitting on my kitchen floor not fully emptied yet) and fill 'er up again!  I love race weekends.  :)  And I of course mean that I plan to do all of this at the very last minute tomorrow when I get off work, because I'm sleeeeeeeeepy.  :)


Sarah said...

is that the 110? and do you love it?

Steel Springs said...

Awesome! Amazing pacing. Win win win...I'm dying.

Have a fun time in Mankato!

Heather said...

Have a fun weekend, happy pacing!

Jamie said...

Awesome pacing! Have fun being the pacer this weekend!!!

Badgergirl said...

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm a little late, but I hope it went well this weekend! Your number games never fail, so I'm sure you hit the nail on the head ;)