Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back from the Dead

Last week I managed to get in a whopping 5 miles.  For the week.  Hello megataper.  Rest assured, I did get an awesome workout blowing my nose and hacking up a lung all week long.  I also spent a considerable amount of time looking at the inside of my eyelids all weekend.
Not exactly the best way to spend two weeks before a marathon, but I refused to still be sick while trying to run 26.2 miles.  That’s hard enough on its own, you know?
With that being said, I believe I’m on the mend.  Sunday everything finally started pouring out of me (gross visual, eh?).  I attempted to do ab work and yoga, and almost drown myself in my snot.  Boogers… I haz em.  Luckily my slacker status gave me plenty of time to watch season 7 of Weeds.  No, not get uber ahead in my grad school classes, or even start my paper that’s due the day I get home from Philly.  But watching Weeds.  Priorities, etc.
Because of my sicky status last week, I committed Packer fan blasphemy last night.  I ran during the game.  Oh the horror.  I know.  Stupid me was soooooooo tired Monday morning that I convinced myself to sleep in instead of run (I don’t work until 11 on Mondays) because I could just do it after work.  Naturally when I finally woke up I realized that the Packers were playing after work, and that I screwed myself over royally.  I even tried to find a radio station app for my phone so I could listen to the game while I ran, but then the stupid thing died before I got home.  Oh well, at least GB still pulled out a monster win, and I was able to catch the last quarter.  Phew.
[insert Jerbear's 9-0 dance here.  spoiler alert:  it's pretty SAWEET!]
I did 6 miles in 57 some minutes.  I managed to fall zero times in the super dark uneven sidewalk areas, but my pace was definitely reflecting my “tippy toe” running strategy.
Race goals to come...shortly!
If anyone is interested in tracking me on Sunday, feel free to sign up here.
If you need my bib number, let me know.  I probably shouldn't broadcast my personal info on this here public blog (even though you could probably figure it out anyway with a few brain cells... oy, I think I just offended my dumb stalkers.... craaaaaaaaaap!)


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

wooot race week... hopefully the megataper will help you rock your face off

Katie said...

i'll be tracking you live so if you could send me a super duper close up picture of what your face looks like when you are hating life THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

Katie said...

also are we still trying to have lunch on...saturday?

kimi said...

tracking... SET!

Heather said...

The game was AWESOME, except I was really hoping for them to pull out one more touchdown and put 50 on the damn Vikings. Greedy, I know. :)

Evolving Through Running said...

All signed up to track you kicking butt. Glad you're feeling better. Hope you have a great race, and the weather gods are kind.

jt00ct said...

I am glad you are feeling better, good luck and have a great time!

Kristin Miller said...

I committed Packers fan blasphemy myself. I was so exhausted from a massage appointment/dinner meet up and laundry to do's that I said, "It's the Vikings. We'll win even if I don't see the second half." Zzzzzz. Guess it worked technically. 9-0! Lambeau is happy. GO MARATHON WEEK!!! You're going to do so great!!!

Anonymous said...

HELLO Race week!! I'll be track-stalkin' fo sho. So excited for you gals and your reunion + crazy-running weekend!

Susan said...

I watched some of the Packers game!! You'd be so proud.