Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taper in Bullet Points

I’m feeling lazy, so please enjoy my life and running update via bullet points, aka the laziest blog post format there is.
·         I saw 7 deer on my run on Friday night.  That’s almost a 1 mile: 1 deer ratio.  Zero of them ran away from me.  They have obviously learned that I am friend and not foe.  Please refer to me as the deer whisperer henceforth.
·         I spent most of this weekend cozied up in my bed reading young adult fiction books.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The only time I wasn’t in my bed was when I was:
o   At work
o   Running
o   Watching football
·         Speaking of watching football, I went out to watch the Bama v. LSU game on Saturday night.  And it was so boring snoring that I wished I was in bed reading a young adult fiction book.  True story:  I’m not yet a diehard Bama fan.  I’m working on it.  Another thing that should be worked on?  The kicker’s FG skills.  Perhaps take a minute from dumbbell curls and work on it, mmmmk?  Interesting fun fact:  This is the first time I've done my hair in a month. Obvs photo documentation needed to occur.

·         The Packers game almost killed me.  I don’t like close games.  They give me anxiety.  Most things in life give me anxiety.  Kyle laying next to me snoring his face off didn’t help said anxiety.  Yes, I woke him up, convinced if he slept it’d be the reason they lost (I deem him a GB good luck charm for some silly reason) and I knew I’d hold a grudge for HIM marring our (yes, our) perfect season.
  • Clearly after a close win, the most obvious thing to do is take cheery pictures of yourself while you wait for that one guy to wake up to watch The League and Sunny with you.  You don't know how badly I want to include the pic I took of him in my green and gold headband while he was snoozing, but I think that's grounds for relationship termination.
·         In taper crazy update, I’m not running.  I have a weird knot in my calf after this weekend.  I’m giving it a couple of days of rest, ice, beating the ever loving $#!t out of with a foam roller/rolling pin, so it’s a-ok for Philly.  At first I freaked out, but now I’m pretty confident it’ll be good to go soon.  Because freaking out doesn’t help, did you know that?
·         Also, since I haven’t ran, I’m cranky.  Just sour.  I’ve learned that ice cream gives me the same happy endorphins that running does.  So naturally I ate some right out of the carton with Kyle last night until my intestines started protesting. 
·         And obsessive weather forecast stalking has begun.  Three out of four sites call for no rain.  Clearly accuweather.com is on my $#!t list.  My current BFF weather site is weatherforyou.com that states it’ll be a high of 43 (aka Jeri is cool as a cucumber).  And since our race shirts are long sleeved, I’d prefer the coldest option possible.
·         P.S.  Are shirts are kind of amazing.  You will not be able to miss us running.


Evolving Through Running said...

Don't let the taper get you down - the rest is worth it. Your Packers are sick this year. I didn't get Jennings for Fantasy, but I did get Jordy Nelson off waivers, and he's been putting up some nice numbers. Dare I say perfect-season for your boys?

The League may be the funniest show ever. Fantastically inappropriate. Sunny is a riot too. Like your taste in shows.

Kristin Miller said...

GO PACK GO! I was screaming at the tv "Aaron Rodgers I ran my first marathon today don't put a damper on it with a loss!" Mission accomplished!

Susan said...

Bullet points for the win! The obsessive football watching means we were meant to be roommates or at least best friends. I even watched Bama/LSU and commented that I had the proper shirt to wear!

Still pondering if I can stomach Philly enough to head down for some mad cheering action, I'll keep you posted.