Friday, November 4, 2011

Speedy Two a Day + Weekly Wishlist

This week has been a struggle for me.  I just staretd my taper, but my mileage isn't really cut all that much, which I'm ok with since training has lasted approximately 6 seconds.  Unfortunately, almost all of my miles come this weekend, so I FEEL like I'm tapering like crazy.  Three miles on Monday, tempo run turned 4 mile pause to dry heave on the side of the bike trail.  And when I don't run I don't sleep.  GAH.

Finally Thursday night I set out to make up some of my missed miles from being sicky.  Since 6 of the missed miles were supposed to be at tempo, I decided to do a fast 3 for run #1.  Ok, technically I was going to do a one mile warm up and then 2 miles fast.  But I failed at a warm up mile.

Someone remind me of this workout when I'm whining about mile repeats at a slighter faster speed but with JOG BREAKS IN BETWEEN THEM.  Geez Louise, I'm a wussy sometimes.

I sat through class, letting my muscles get all sorts of cold and tight, and then when we were dismissed I hit the streets for another 3 miles.  It got me thinking.  What if you could go run every time you had a few minutes to spare.  How many miles could you get in during the day?  (assuming you could sit in your own sweat/stench throughout the day, obvs.)  I bet a lot.  I'm not going to try, that's for sure.

I did another 3 miles in 27:39 for a pace of 9:12.  A bit faster than my normal easy pace, but my legs were lovin' it.

This weekend I have a poop ton of miles to run, and then the taper really gets going next week.  Rumor has it, Jenn, Megan, and my Philly marathon race day shirts are in, and spoiler alert:  you won't be able to miss us on the course.  YAYZIES!

Buy it here.
I think beanies are just a little bit useless around these parts.  I mean, if I'm wearing something on my head, it will be covering my ears, my ginormo forehead, and 3/4 of my face, because sweet Jesus it's cold.  But if I lived somewhere it was "pretend" cold, I'd totally rock this.

Buy it here.
I sure hope someone was able to take advantage of the Kate Spade sale yesterday.  Because I sure didn't.  Love this yellow bag.  Pretty safe to assume that if I can stash away enough $$$ that a yellow Kate handbag will be mine this spring.

If this delightly little 'arry Pottah mug showed up in my Christmas stocking (yes I have a Christmas stocking, quit judging my Holiday CHEER AND WONDERMENT!) I wouldn't be upset.


Samantha said...

haha I love that mug. You might like this necklace I saw a few days ago..

Unknown said...

your marathon cramming is making my head spin. and also, I want to run.

Page said...

I will rock that beanie in California's fake cold for you ;)


love the yellow purse! You make me want to get out and run, even though I can't today! Thanks for always being so encouraging pretty lady!