Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Runner in Real Life + November in Review

I have spent far too much time running in cold and allergy season.

Yesterday, while leaving the post office, my nose started running.  Without giving it much thought, I looked over my shoulder to make sure there was no one "in range" and almost let a snot rocket fly.....while dressed in nice work attire.  Granted I live in South Dakota, so perhaps people would just assume I'm a farm kid (no offense farm kids, but I learned to "farmer blow" from you).

Oy.  Glad I caught myself.

After logging my run on Monday I realized I'd be 2.3 miles short of 100 for the month, and clearly I could not have that happen.  I did some quick rearranging and squeezed in a short 2.3 on Tuesday before class.  Phew.  Crisis averted!  And then I was a dumb dumb and accidentally ran 6 miles on Wednesday instead of 5, because I was too lazy to map out a run.  Whatever.......

My knees have been a bit annoyed this week, so I'm icing and rolling like crazy to get things back to normal.  After perusing the Philly race photos, I'm surprised my left knee works at all.  The foot plant I was sporting to (I'm assuming) alleviate the pressure/pain on my blood-blister-sporting-pinky toe was atrocious.  It almost hurts just to LOOK at the pics.  Ouch.

Speaking of pics... here's one to tide you over for a smidge....

November In Review

Total Miles:  101 down from 170.7 last month. (119.7 miles from November 2010.)  
Total Time: 16:19:26 down from 26:54:05. (18:02:34 last November.)
Total Runs: 15. Not bad for being sick for a week, and then taking 5 days off after the marathon.  Avg. 6.73 miles/run.
Highest weekly mileage:  
11/14/2011 — 11/20/2011:39.2 Mi6:28:49
Favorite run: I was enjoying a monster day of running high when I ran a speedy 3 miler followed by another 3 miler 3 hours later.  Two-a-day domination?  Why not.
Most hardcore run:  Yikes... I didn't really have a hardcore run.  My last scheduled tempo run was during my sick week, so it would appear that other than the previously mentioned speedy 3 miler, I didn't do any hardcore runs, other than some mid-week double digit runs, which I heart.
Favorite race:  Philadelphia Marathon.  Hands down. Almost tied with my fave race ever.... :D
Bike Miles: 0.
Favorite Jams: Glee's Adele mash up. l-o-v-e. Doesn't hurt that I have a monster Santana crush.  Mmmm.


Anonymous said...

Hah omg, best snot rocket story ever. Next time just do it - and then be like "runner. duh."

True story: every time my numbers are totally off (i.e. not even numbers, not anywhere close to even totals) - which is often, because it doesn't bug me and I don't pay attention - I think 'that would annoy Jeri'. ;)

Susan said...

I love snot rockets......and I wonder if I'm allowed to do them even when I'm only in shorts and a tshirt instead of full on winter gear. Or in nice normal every day clothes.

Katie said...

I'm pretty sure I only ran 13 miles last month. Whatev. And I'm disappointed that you didn't blow a big booger.