Sunday, April 1, 2012

March in Review

March in Review

Total Miles:  105.8 down from 141.9 last month (140.6 in March 2011.) 

Total Time: 16:54:35 down from 22:16:15.

Total Runs: 13.  Eep.

Highest weekly mileage:
2/27-3/4 51.2 miles

Favorite run: I had an eleven miler with 5 at tempo pace that was pretty b.a. and I felt great (when I was done). Ha.

Most hardcore run:  Maybe the 20 miler through ice and snow. Otherwise I've had a couple of speedy speedy runs lately.  Uff da, welcome back fast twitch muscles!

Favorite race:  zero.  I've yet to run a race as a 28 year old.  Sad. <--Ditto.  Still.

Bike Miles: 16.4

Favorite Jams: I haven't downloaded any new tunes.  I've been auto loading my shuffle every couple of weeks.

Apparently summer is upon us.  Today it was 98 degrees.  April 1st.  No April fools.  Not that I spent any time outside, because I was nursing a monster Bachelorette party induced hangover.  Whoa.  Not messing around.  While I was thrilled when it seemed that our winter was going to be very mild for marathon training, I am not to thrilled out summer.  I purposely don't train long-long in the summer, because waking up at 2am to run seems like stupidity.  Saturday I needed to do a long run, but couldn't bring myself to wake up 6:30 on a Saturday to do it.  Gross.

I'm running my first race of 2012 this weekend, and haven't ran long in... at least a few weeks.  Hmm... I'm hoping that a solid run will light that fire under my booty that is dimly flickering.

Because the weather is crazy sauce gorgeous, Kyle and I got to take out his new boat on Friday after work to do some fishing.  I finished my book and then played boat photographer.  What a great night.  Kyle let me download instagram on his iPhone so I could play while he fished.  Yayzies.

The angler.

The photographer.



..:danielle:.. said...

gooood luck in your race this weekend! and please dont trash your blog, i would be very sad :(

Anonymous said...

still kicking ass, I see. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it got that warm -- Eeck! The fishing looks like great fun though. Hope your race this weekend is awesome.

Allison said...

Over 90 degrees? Yuck!