Friday, April 27, 2012

The Lottery Results Are In......

After much funfare on Wednesday morning/afternoon, I was left not knowing whether I was IN for NYC marathon or not.  What I gathered from the at replies to @INGNYmarathon, there was some sort of major failure with the announcing, as we were to "check back later" yet the NYC marathon page said our profile logins would be down until Thursday at 10a.m.  Hmm... ok, so much for all that hoopla I guess!

I started to see that people were "finding out" via credit card charges so I logged on to mine a few times to see if there had been a charge.  Nada.  Interesting enough a few times the Capital One site stalled out on me.  I had to laugh thinking that hundreds of thousands of NYC marathon lotto peeps were probably doing the same thing.  (if not, whatever, just let me have my laughter!)

Later in the afternoon I got an email from Tom saying HE WAS IN! And that the login pages were back up and functioning.  I logged in, and wasn't surprised to see this:

Not sure what I expected the lottery process to be like, but with all of the hype surrounding the announcement I got pumped, and then royally bummed, without even knowing if I was in or not.  I'm sure the huge amounts of lotto entrants and then the number of people that flooded the site didn't help, but I feel like they should have a good guage on that based on previous years, right?  Hmm..  Anyway, by the time I found out I wasn't in.  I didn't really care anymore.  Hohum.

I emailed Jenn and Megan, that this was a dark sign for our Nike Women's Marathon selection that was to occur "sometime the end of the month."  Way to keep it vague Nike.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up to several texts from Megan to "OPEN YOUR EMAIL!  WE'RE IN!!"

HOLY CRAP!  That was the kind of lotto selection excitement I was looking for!  Too funny that they'd come within ~15 hours of each other.

I swear I didn't even ask that they do the graphics in green and gold... but I like it.  :D  So I'll be heading out west for the fall.  I can't wait for a re-do of Philly with two of my favorite girls in the world.  If I could've only gotten in to one of these races, things worked out just the way I wanted.  :)

Now that I have some answers about these two races, I'm left to decide the rest of my fall race schedule.  Suggestions?  Couches for me to come stay on??


Evolving Through Running said...

Congrats on getting into the Nike / Green Bay Packers marathon. With those colors it was destiny. Hope training treats you well.

JFord said...

I have never doen a race with a lottery. I am not sure if I could handle not knowing if I got in!

Susan said...

It's so annoying that people found out via their credit cards being charge. Totally takes the fun out of it.

Jealous that you're getting a Tiffany's necklace, but I'm sad you won't be running NYC! We'll still party, I promise.

..:danielle:.. said...

so excited for you!
and fall... maine.... my couch... the end.

Anonymous said...

A western California trip sounds much more fun, and sunshine-filled, to me - lottery success! ;)

If you fancy any of the DC Fall races, you have a plush couch here (or air mattress - take your pick) waiting for you!

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