Monday, April 16, 2012

May, The Light At The End of the Tunnel

When the students in the cohort ahead of us spoke to us at orientation last August, they weren't kidding.  "Your spring semester.... be prepared.  It's not easy.  You will lose your mind."  (Rough quote, of course).  The amount of major papers and projects that I have to complete during this month are kind of terrifying.

I'm currently counting down to May when I have an entire month off from school.  Every time I think of something I really want to do, read, see, watch, etc. I put it on my list for "To-Do in May."  Based on my list, you'd think that I didn't have to work in May, but you'd be wrong.

Currently my list o' fun includes:
  • Reading Stephen King's 11/22/63.
  • Watching Modern Family from the start.
  • Pack my apartment for a move.
  • Watching MadMen from the beginning.
  • Volunteer at the library.
  • Vampire Diaries?  (uh... maybe I accidentally started watching this while procrastinating a school project....)
  • Pretty Little Liars?
  • Watch Downton Abbey
  • Attend a book club meeting.
  • Run with friends as much as possible (May is usually the most awesome month for training, and lucky for me I won't be injured from a marathon this year!)
  • Get in some biking miles.
  • Hang out with all of my friends. I don't now how many times I've said, "sorry I can't, but get ahold of me in May I'll SO HAVE TIME TO BE YOUR FRIEND AGAIN!!"
Any other area of pop culture I should quickly catch up on?!?!  Get me caught up on 2011-2012 you guys!


Allison said...

Good luck with all the projects! You will get it all done, even though it might seem impossible. Just focus on that month off. :)

Deloris said...

That is a great to-do list. Hope you can scratch them all of the list. Watch Pretty Little Liars. It is a great show. It is meant for teens, but I like the characters, acting, story lines and I'm 32. :)

Kelly @ Running Kellometers said...

Ahhh! Love Vampire Diaries! Although, I'm a few episodes behind. Maybe I'll get caught up eventually. :)

Katie said...

that stephen king book is SO GOOD. i read it twice.