Friday, January 11, 2013

101 in 1001 Check In

I started 101 goals to be accomplished in 1001 days back in March 2011.  I thought this would be fun, because I rarely set goals further than a year out, and long term goals are just as important as the short ones.  I also have a tendency to have a terrible memory, so if something isn't written down I won't remember it.  I spent a long time crafting this list, looking at many others for inspiration, and putting out some "dream big" goals of my own.  I set my 30th birthday as my final 1001st day.  Since I'm nearing the final year of my goals, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back at the goals, and strategize how I'll accomplish the remaining ones.

I hope to accomplish something off the list each weekend, even if it's to watch a movie that's on one of the lists!  And I vow to look at the list whenever I complain about being bored and want Kyle to do something fun with me.

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

in progress: italic / completed: bold
Goal Start Date: March 30, 2011
Goal End Date: December 26, 2013 (The Big 3-0!)

Take a photography class  I may settle for some one-on-one photography instruction from friends that are great photographers.
Fall in love
Get accepted into master’s program (4.27.11)
Go to a Packers game at Lambeau  We were planning to attend a Packers game this fall, but it didn't work out with our schedules.  This will happen in 2013.
Get a library position (8.13.12)
Grow an herb garden  This could be hard if we stay in the same place, but perhaps a small little potted herb garden on our deck would be feasible.
Go on a brewery tour (several in San Fran with Megan 10.12.12)


Meet 5 new people (2/5 Niki who came up for the Sioux Falls Marathon, Dominique long time bloggy buddy at the Dallas Marathon expo and race.)  Keep on keepin' on.

Make 3 new friends (4/3 New running buddy Karla, Kyle's bff's gf Liz, two new co-workers)

Meet 3 bloggy friends (3/3 Met Lisa at the Fargo Marathon 5.20.11, met Susan for Twin Cities Marathon weekend 9.30.11, met Shawn enroute to Philly for the Philadelphia Marathon 11.18.11)
Send 5 letters/cards to friends that don’t live nearby
Join a running club (ran with the Runners Block group several times)
Make a new running buddy (Rachel!  Yay!)
Call (skype) one person each month I haven’t spoken with in awhile (4/33) Definitely need to pick up the slack on this one.  Need to plan a more frequent catch up with my nephew Harrison for sure, and friends with little ones.
Send Christmas card/letter  I took an adorable pic of Ollie and sent out the image (or technically posted it to my blog, facebook, and instagram, but a full on letter is in the cards for Christmas 2013.
Send a random care package to 3 friends (1/3 2 are sitting around waiting for me to mail them.  oops.)  STILL need to send these out.  Yikes.
Join a stitch and bitch group (tried but meeting times conflicted with class)  Working to start one at work with one of the librarians for January!
Host a swap party with friends  I was envisioning this to be a clothes swap party, but most of my friends and I aren't the same size.... Not sure if this'll work out.

Travel  There is no way that my finances will allow for travel outside of the U.S. by the end of 2013, so getting a passport, leaving the country, and due to $$$, go on a cruise will be crossed off the list.

Get my passport
Take a trip and leave the country
Go on a cruise
Go to NYC  Hopefully a trip to see Susan is still in the cards for next Fall!
Skate at the Rockefeller Center
Go on a vacation that doesn’t revolve around running/racing (mini-vacation with Kyle 2.17.12, and 12.14.12)
Take a random road trip I'm such a planner that nothing is ever "random."  What IS a random road trip anyway??

Running and Fitness  You can tell that many of these goals were set while I was on a major running high with awesome race performances.  Given my battle with injuries, many of these are no longer feasible.  Waaaaaaah.

Run a Boston Qualifying Marathon
Win a race  There's always a chance in small 5ks in the summer.  Maybe I'll stalk a good one!
Run 200 miles in one month (working on this for March 2012--didn't happen)  Definitely doable once I get my mileage up there again.
Run 60 miles in one week Ditto above.
Complete half Ironman
Bike a century race  Megan and I are potentially planning to do one of these in June!  Yay biking!
Run Sub 4 hour marathon  The jury is still out as to if I'll run a marathon in 2013, but if all goes well, this goal isn't out of the question.
Sub 3:50 marathon
Sub 1:50 half marathon  The 100th time is the charm, right?
Sub 50 min 10k (5.7.11)
Run 22xx 5k  I <3 speedwork, so this could be fun.
Run the Goofy Challenge  Still a SMALL possibility to do this in 2014 as my graduation gift to myself (which is technically after the end date, but only by a couple of weeks).
Run NYC marathon (applied for lottery for 2012, didn't get in)
Do 100 pushups  Good tough goal!
Take a bikram yoga class (12.26.12 birthday sweatfest!)

Crafty and Creative
Decide on Scarves for PRs logo (Megan created a sweet one! plus it's green!)
Create Scarves for PRs business cards  I don't have time to crochet currently, so I've backed off almost completely from making scarves unless sought out by someone.  Maybe I'll get excited to make them again next fall.  
Start Scarves for PRs Etsy shop (no longer plan to do this, maybe once grad school is over!)
Create blog business cards (meh, that'd mean I'd have to blog consistently)
Complete 52 photo project (1.4.12)
Take a photo every day for 1 month (done January 2012)
Create 5 new Etsy items to sell (0/5)  ditto to above notes
Paint bookshelf
Learn to knit
Start t-shirt quilt
Complete t-shirt quilt
Decorate office (new job, no longer have an office)
Make office artwork (see above)
Take photos for all completed projects (as applicable)

Book Worm
Read 15 classic novels (currently reading Little Women and Pride and Prejudice)  I need to do some MAJOR work on this one.  I will plan to do 3/month once I'm done with school to get me 15 by the end of 2013.
Read a book in a day (6.20.11 Normal Gets You Nowhere)
Get book tattoo (slated for graduation 8.13!)
Join a book club (4.14.11 attended 2nd lunchtime book club)

Get wisdom teeth removed  Don't wanna slash ouch slash $$$$.
Have moles checked (7.2012, and one removed, ouch and $$$)
Stop tanning (have not visited a tanning salon since 12.2011 1x)
Find out my blood type (9.2012, O+!)
Donate blood (9.24.12)
Get a professional massage (7.12.11)

House and Home
Donate Clothes 2x/year (fall/spring) (3/5)
Clean Coat closet (5.12, slightly cheating because I moved, but I cleaned and purged!
Clean Bedroom closet (5.12, ditto above)
Thaw Freezer (5.12, ditto above)
Decorate kitchen No kitchen space to decorate, will switch this to dining room.  I know what artwork I want to put in there but haven't seen the exact thing to buy yet.
Finish decorating living room  Kyle! Grab your hammer and nails.
Transfer files from old computer (didn't happen before it was trashed, if I haven't accessed it in 5 years, I probably don't need it)
Get rid of old computer (sell/donate/trash) (5.12)
Back up MacBook (I have tried to do this but I must be d-u-m-b)
Purge wardrobe of anything I haven't worn in the past two years  My name is Jeri, and I'm a hoarder.  [Hi jeri]

Pay off car  I calculated how much I'd have to pay each month to accomplish this and it's not feasible.  I do plan to up my payment to take care of it sooner than the 5 years originally planned.
Go one week without spending any money at all (not including direct debits for bills etc.)  Must get groceries, pack lunches, and then I should be golden.
Pay off road bike (6.3.11)

Kiss in the rain
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go golfing
Go ice skating
Go ice fishing I'm sure I could accomplish this any weekend this winter by hopping in the truck with Kyle.  But brrrr.  Trip currently planned for January 18th weekend.
Watch 10 of the top 50 IMDb movies  Need to decide which movies and GO.
Watch all 2011 Oscar nominated movies (Black Swan 5.18.11, The Fighter 5.1.11, Inception, The Kids Are All Right 1.26.12, The King’s Speech, 127 Hours 5.8.11, The Social Network 4.3.11, Toy Story 3, True Grit 2.4.12, Winter’s Bone)
Watch all 2012 Oscar nominated movies (The Help 1.16.12, Midnight in Paris 1.22.12, The Artist, The Descendants 3.22.12, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Hugo 3.4.12, Moneyball 3.12, The Tree of Life 3.6.12, War Horse)
Watch all 2013 Oscar nominated movies  These have been my favorites to work on, because I have watched movies I never would've picked up.  Can't wait for the 2013 list to be up, I haven't seen any of the predicted nominees yet!
See a 3D movie
See a psychic and get my fortune told
Go to a roller derby match
Go to a wine tasting
Go to the Harry Potter theme park
Rewatch LOST! (currently rewatching Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
Make sushi rolls at home
Go to a Drive in movie
Watch a meteor shower (summer 2011, I don't remember the exact date)

Make a fabulous dessert I’ve never made before
Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
Write down everything that happens on 11/11/11 and 12/12/12 (11.11.11 Tom & Sara got married and I got to celebrate with them! 12.12.12 I went to work, wore green and gold in honor of Wisconsin's Aaron Rodgers day, ordered pizza with my Wednesday afternoon students, snuggled on the couch with my pug and finished my final paper for the semester!)
Invest in a digital SLR camera I still want to buy one, but it's not a top priority currently.
Encourage someone to make a list (1.3.13 yay! Convinced Megan to make one!)
Get a pet (6.8.12 And Ollie is the love of my life!)


Anonymous said...

Re: Leaving the country: You could totally drive to Winnipeg! Not that I can think of a reason to, though they do have a marathon in June.

Susan said...


Rae said...

What an amazing challenge! You have done terrific in the time you have had, and I wish you luck over the course of the next year!


Kristin said...

RE: See a game at Lambeau...IF there is a game on Columbus day weekend the Millers WILL be there...I can't take a Monday off because I could get caught with proof of plane tickets, credit cards etc! (Love being a slave...I mean teacher...) so if they play the long weekend I'm THERE! And you should be too ;-D

Dom and Trey said...

I made it on your list! Wahoo! I do believe I commented on your list last year about meeting...Cool.

Maybe if I comment saying we'll see each other this year, it'll actually happen. Another race, perhaps? Wouldn't that be something?