Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Goals

I am taking some of the pressure off of myself in 2013, but I still think it's important to set some goals.  Even if I may have bombed most of them (running-wise, at least) for 2012, doesn't mean I can't accomplish some of them this year.  And maybe I'll actually look at them more than once in June as a check in (not likely, but we'll see).


  • PR a half marathon.  I've already stated I'm going to have a heavy half schedule this coming spring.  I have been chasing (literally) sub 1:50 for quite some time, but have been doing it amidst marathon training where my body is incapable of high mileage and speed work.  Focusing on JUST the half marathon should allow me to add in some necessary speed work and finally nab this goal.  
  • PR a 10k.  With some half marathon speed, should come some quality speedy tempo runs.  I set my 10k PR during one of my best rounds of marathon training, and should be able to dip under 49 minutes if I can stay healthy.
  • Run a sub 7 minute mile.  There aren't many mile races around here, and I don't know that I'd fork over the money to do one, but a friend is trying to run a super speedy mile, and I thought it sounded like fun.  So Ang, I'm joining your goal, hope that's ok!  Only official timed mile non-HS is a 7:11.  I don't think I'll get anywhere near my HS PR of 6:07.  #ouch
  • Run 100 miles every month.  I failed this one in 2012, and would like to give it another go.  I'm hoping with less injuries, it'll be more feasible.  25 miles a week is not very daunting, or it shouldn't be, and I need to get back to being a more consistent runner, and this goal will help with that.
  • Run a 5k a day.  Not literally.  If there's ever a day that I do NOT want to run, I want to try to encourage myself to get out there and at least do an easy 5k.  This'll help keep me on track with my 100 miles a month, and consistent training.  5k a day = 1131.5 miles for the year, which is pretty close to my 1200 from above.  That would also be close to my yearly mileages from 2010-2011 where most of my PRs were set.
  • More buddy runs.  Try to run with friends a couple of times a month as time allows.


  • Continue to attend circuit weights.  Try for 3x a month, including ab work and pushups in addition to the class.
  • Attend yoga at least 1x a week.  I've found a new love of bikram yoga, and would love to practice that more often.  Other forms of yoga will also help with my stress level from school and running health.
  • Get my eating habits more in check.  If I want to nab a couple of PRs this year, I need to get closer to my weight while setting my previous PRs.  Nothing crazy, 5-10 pounds would have me at my peak running shape, and should be obtainable with slightly better eating habits, and slightly less beer.  Sad face.
  • Jessica Alba abs for strong runner awesomeness vs looking good shirtless.  As a result, look good shirtless.  I did zero shirtless runs this summer, and it was the hottest summer of my life.  I also barely ran in June and July because it was too hot to run with clothes on.  Can turn down the heat on South Dakota summers be a goal for 2013? Do I have control over that?  Anyone? Bueller?
  • Learn to change a flat on my bike.  Thanks for the suggestion Megan.  No more BCBBC half centuries spoiled by this lack of knowledge.


  • Read 100 books.  I read 113 in 2012, so it should be doable, especially because I'll have 5 months of GRAD SCHOOL FREE reading at the tail end of 2013.  :D

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Jeri has read 7 books toward her goal of 100 books.
  • Finish my grad program with a 4.0.  Still going strong.  Spring will be the most trying on this goal.  If I can make it through cataloging, I should be home free!
  • Nab my dream job.  Or one that will lead to my dream job.  I love my job as a library assistant at an academic library, but my passion is within the public library, working with children.
  • Obtain another pug bestie for Ollie.  We'll see how possible this is towards the end of 2013.  :)
  • Make a decent attempt at my remaining items on my 101 in 1001 goals (to wrap up on my 30th birthday, eeps!)  Will do some sort of follow up post on this in the near future methinks.
  • Spend some time and money (ugh) making our apartment (or future apartment/house, our lease is up in May) feel more homey.  We've lived in our new place since May.  We have most of our (my) artwork still propped up against the wall in which it needs to be hung.  The only room that is really decorated is the spare bedroom which is essentially my old bedroom put in this one.  Ha, oops.

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Trying To Heal said...

Have I told you yet how happy I am that you're back to blogging again!? YAY! I'm running a ragnar next month and it makes me think of you :)

And your goals for this year sounds great! I think focusing on your half mary training with definitely help with the 10k time and even with the 1 mile time. I could only wish to get back to my HS PR (6:01, so close to under 6!) but we were different back then. we just have to work hard right now with what we have!

Oh, loving the book reviews btw. I'm trying to read more books this year instead of watching TV.