Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 By the Numbers: 5,783.63

This is one of my favorite posts annually, so I'm going to keep it up for 2012.

Miles ran:  924.6

Miles away from my goal:  575.4  (lofty goal much?)

Miles away from last year's mileage: 409

Miles per week average:  17.78

Picture 5

Miles per month average:  77

Picture 4
Total number of runs:  135

Miles per run average:  6.85  (so at least when I ran, it was a decent amount, right?)

Time spent running:  6 days 9 hours

Marathons: 1

Times I dropped from the full to a half after registering:  2

Times I regretted that decision:  1?  Brookings was PERFECT race weather, and my training had gone really well for the first few months, I probably could've had a decent day there, but I shall never know.

Half Marathons: 4

10 mile: 1

10K: 0

5 mile:  0

5K: 0

1 mile:  0

PRs accomplished:  0.  This should come as no surprise given my mileage, right?

Pairs of shoes purchased: 3?  Not sure.  I did just discover a pair of unopened saucony kinvaras in my closet.  So between those, the shoes I'm currently rotating (kinvaras and mizuno wave riders), and the precious new wave riders my parents got me for Xmas, I should be set for most of 2013.

Hotel nights booked:  5

Flights taken:  2

Race road trips taken:  1--Just a quicky down to Sioux City.  

Number of runners met:  2--Dominique, Niki

People I'm still bummed I didn't meet: 1--Alyssa at NWM

Runner BFF Race Weekend Reunions:  2.  Brookings and Green Bay.

States crossed off my "run a race in every state" list: 3. Iowa, Nebraska (the Sioux City race dipped in to Nebraska briefly), and California.

Awesome Race Photos garnered:  2.  I didn't buy a single race photo this year, likely because most races sucked and it showed on my face slash I don't care to commemorate crappy performances in photo form.  However, my mom did snag a few great ones as she always does.

Dear God I can't believe you'd post those race pics on the internet:  0? I don't remember any this year.  WIN!

Cute boys encountered on the bike trail:  0.

Number of times Megan and I wished Jenn was with us for a race week:  2 for 2.

Number of sub 4 crash and burn attempts:  0.  YAY!  (Only b/c I didn't make an attempt.)

Number of times I was proud of my racing efforts:  2?  I was happy with my efforts in Brookings and Sioux Falls.

Number of times Kyle ran with me:  2-3.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been around much but I am back. Looks like you are still running amazing :)

A said...

Oooh, I like this post! Until I got to the part where I sucked at waiting around at NWM and then felt all :( :(

But otherwise this still makes me :) and you are cool! Overall a solid year. But can you also include the number of books you've read & set some PRs there!? ;)

..:danielle:.. said...

there are a lot of zeros on that list... ;) im only making fun of you because my name should always be on the "people im bummed i didnt meet" list until the day arrives.