Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day in the Life of Ollie

I know these "day in the life" posts used to be clever and unique approximately 5 years ago, so bear with me as I catch up to "cool."  Due to MLK day today, I get to spend a 3rd consecutive day with my little pug and I couldn't be happier.  I've also gotten her schedule memorized so I thought I'd share it with you.

7:30  Wake up.  Massive face itch/eye booger exchange on my blankets.  Prancing around my bed like a bunny or deer hops while I check twitter.  When I am finally awake enough, pug gets put down on the floor (my bed is super high, so she's too chicken to jump off.  I'm thankful for this.)

7:45  Pug freaks out about STARVING.  Clearly she has never eaten before in her life.  Insert whining, weird yipping, and really really fast spinning in a circle as I try to make my way to the kitchen.  If I should happen to use the bathroom instead of heading straight for the kitchen, I get a pug jumping up in my lap while I er.. go.  Kitchen it is.

7:50  Inhale 1/2 cup of ridiculous expensive, grain free crap free, better food than I eat.  (Pugs have a ton of allergies and issues with their digestive systems, so only the best for OLL$E.)

7:51 Check around bowl for any scraps.  Sniff out any crumbs that may be hiding on the kitchen floor.

7:52  Bathroom break.  If it's cold and mom is taking you out, decide not to go 90% of the time.  Wait until mom's fingers and toes have turned yellow due to raynaud's and then start shivering to come inside.

8:00 Watch mom get ready for work.

8-8:45 Assume position on the couch.  Wait for mom to add all blankets and pillows to the couch for a truly delightful all-day lounging experience.  Give mom a kiss for her efforts.  Watch her until she departs.

8:45-6:15  Nap


10:15/noon/2:15  Kyle will usually come home on one of his breaks to let her out.

If in the 90% window of no potty break before work, chances are someone will leave a present in the hallway.  "But mom!  It's not cold and snowy in the hallway!  It's nice and fluffy!"

6:15  Key in the lock, Ollie jumps to attention and readies herself for freak out mode.  MOOOOOOOOOOOOOM'S HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!

6:15:30  Weird spinning, yipping, lots of licking, awkward pug butt-low-to-the-ground running while I attempt to put her harness on.

6:16   Potty break.  Lots of sniffing.  Wants to play with ALL OF THE DOGS BECAUSE THEY'RE SO LOVELY!


6:31  Sniffing everywhere for food that may have spilled.

6:33  Settle back on the couch for more lounging.

6:30-10pm Variations

If I have class, she likes to sit on my lap on a pillow and get her edumacationz on.  Ollie the Pugbrarian.  If no class, couch sitting positions may include, by my feet, on my feet, on my stomach, on my back/shoulder, over/on my head.

10pm  Bedtime.  Wake Ollie up.  Carry her or she follows me to the bedroom (if she's not super duper sleepy from her 4 hour nap).  Put her on the bed in her spot, cover her up, stick feet next to her warm little pug buddy since they still haven't warmed up from any of her potty breaks because my circulation blows.

10:00-10:15  Pre-bedtime itching/licking aka bathtime.

10:15pm-7am  Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeping.  As long as she's tucked in under the covers she doesn't snore, and then she gets to sleep with me.  Otherwise she gets the boot.  Poor pug.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there from MN!! I noticed you're going to run the Get Lucky Half in March. Is that the one in the Twin Cities?? I might do that one...haven't decided yet! I will also be at Fargo :) Will be my 2nd full marathon!! Good luck on your races this year :)