Thursday, May 4, 2017

April in Review

April in Review

Total Miles: 104.9 miles up from 89.5 miles last month. 23 miles last April.

Planned Miles: 180 miles. Uff.

Total Time:  

Total Runs: 19 runs, for an average of 5.52 miles. A few of those runs were double days, so it averages to 6.56 per day ran.

Highest weekly mileage: 
4/3/2017 – 4/9/2017:34.4 mi6:38:4311:37 / mi

Favorite run: A random Thursday night 10 miles with Toni in perfect weather! OR the 12 mile long run with a fast finish. All the confidence boosting leading up to the half! These also made up for the handful of t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e runs I had experienced. Uff.

Most hardcore runOur track workout in the rain: VO2 Max 10 miles, 2 sets of 2x1200 + 1x800 @ 3k-5k pace.

Favorite race: Chilly Cheeks 5 mile 

Bike Miles: 0. This should be changing for next month! A new yoga + cycling studio is opening in town in Sioux Falls. I can't wait!!

Favorite Jam: None at the moment. But I should get going on my race day playlist! Now taking recommendations please!

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