Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Maintenance Training Week 1

Week of May 22-28

Monday: 5.37 miles. I had wanted to do 4 miles after work, but then I was hungry, so I wanted to bail. So then I told myself 3. And as I got started I thought 2 would be fine. My left knee was still slightly annoyed. And then I started to feel good. So I kept going. 5.37 miles later I was done, but felt like I could've ran forever and ever. Magical. I had to pick the pace way up during the run because my heart rate was so low. It's rare for my GA zone to be sub-10 but I'll take it!!

Tuesday: 60 minutes of POWER. I had wanted to do a little run or cycle after, but I was pooped. I guess I'm still recovering. BORING. I did find out shortly after class that there WILL be early morning classes throughout the summer (originally they were thinking it wouldn't happen, and I was terrified that I'd be broken runner Jerbear again) but they came through for me! I can't wait to see what another few months of POWER+all the miles does for me.

Wednesday: Group run at 605! I did 3 miles, solo. Wahhh. I was grumpy and didn't really want to run anyone's pace other than my own. I did a recovery run because my legs felt like garbage. And then I was excited when my recovery pace is not as pokey as it used to be. WIN!

And then, there was deck yoga. AKA the best kind of yoga.

Thursday: I was all jazzed to head to the trail group run Thursday after work, Kyle even coordinated an Ollie potty break before he left town so I didn't have to rush home to take care of her. Until I'm back on a plan-plan, Thursday will either be trail or tempo days. Fun, right? Except I woke up and my back was killing me. At points during story time, I almost shrieked as it was spasming. Miserable. So yeah, no run for me. I went home and spent 30 minutes in an epsom bath, and then rolled around on my rad roller balls for quite awhile, which worked wonders. I got the knots out, but was still dealing with some tenderness. I need a massage asap.

Friday: I had the day off (yay!) which means I worked Saturday of Memorial Weekend (boo!) but that meant I could head north to see my bestie's yoga studio! She moved to a new location and I needed to get there to see its awesomeness, and see her, and take a class from her. Thank goodness gentle yoga was on the schedule because my back was still sore, but not NEARLY as bad as it had been. I had to forfeit a coffee run because it was grumpy. Womp. So much for keeping my weekly mileage up.

Saturday: Rest. Foam rolling. Major work with my rad roller balls on my lower back and shoulders.

Sunday: I really wanted to get a run in. My back was feeling pretty good, but I was nervous. I opted to take one more rest day so I wasn't right back in a world of pain for a handful of miles. Womp womp.

Total Mileage: 8.4 miles. ahhhhh. going nuts over here.

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