Friday, May 12, 2017

Brookings Half Marathon Race Goals

About a month ago, I jotted down my goals for this weekends race A, B, and C. My race plan was a range of my A and B goal, with the final time coming down to what I had left for my final 3-5 mile kick.

A goal: 2:02 9:20 pace

B goal: 2:05 9:35 pace

C goal: 2:07 9:45 pace

Now that the race is getting closer, I'm not really sure what the heck my goals are. Hah. I want to run hard, and I'm prepared (I think) to go to a place mentally where it hurts without giving up (uff... that sounds hard, right? maybe I'm not that mentally prepared...hah).

The weather looks great, my training has gone extremely well, and I've seen huge progress in my fitness levels in the past 6-8 months. So I think my plan for tomorrow is a bit of a no-plan. I'll do my standard "take mile 1 easy" easy pace tbd based on how my body feels tomorrow I suppose. Followed by 5 miles at comfortably hard, then the next 4 a little harder, and the final 5k with whatever I have left. Normally I have splits and all that fun stuff all calculated out, but doing so this go around is just freaking me out.

So I think what my goal is for tomorrow is: run hard, leave it out there. Worry about the time on the clock when you cross the finish line. We'll see how that works for a change.

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