Monday, November 19, 2018

Meal Prep Fun

Last spring, I got the great idea that Toni and I should meal prep and swap food during marathon training. And then she moved away and that didn't happen. A few weeks ago, I was talking to my running buddy Maren about fueling during training, and I mentioned what I had hoped to do with Toni, and she was totally on board!

Her significant other travels a lot and Kyle refuses to eat any of my delicious but healthy, typically meat-free meals, so it worked out perfectly. So far we're on week two. And it's going great! We check in on Saturday or Sunday with what we're thinking of making for the week, 2-3 meals, and then I've been off to the store to shop and Sundays are for meal prep! We've been making our way through Run Fast East Slow and Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow.

Week 1 we swapped ~2 servings of two lunches and two breakfasts. I made a goat cheese broccoli soup, the Thai quinoa salad, and blueberry banana pancakes. Maren made the southwest salad, a delicious mushroom risotto, and the best little egg frittatas. Yum.



This week, I made a superhuman soup with curry and coconut milk and veggies. My house smells so good. I also made the edamame orange kale salad and attempted to recreate the mini egg frittatas that Maren made last week.

Maren made a stew and a chicken veggie rice bowl. I'm so excited for all the delicious food I have to eat this week!!

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