Friday, January 11, 2019

Current Obsessions: The Bachelor

So I'm approximately 17 years late to the game, but I am watching my first season of The bachelor. I watched The Bachelorette this past summer for the first time. I had my BRF living with me for a few weeks and I thought it'd be such a blast to experience it together, as I think that's how these trashy reality shows are supposed to be watched. And then she moved away, so I was stuck watching it solo.

And I fell in love with Colton.

And then he was announced as the new bachelor. Yes please!

I was counting down to the new season. And then was super annoyed when it was the same night and time as the National Championship (#rolltide). I had to record The Bachelor to watch the game live, and once the game was very obviously over, sigh, I switched over to Colton.

Beefy football player with dimples?? College Jeri is in lust.

Who wants to come hang out on Mondays with me?!? I'll provide the wine. Or sparkling water. Something sparkling.

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