Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can't focus on life...too excited for New Moon.

Uff da.  That's all I have to say about my tempo run today.  I had 6 miles on the schedule with 4 of them at a tempo pace of 8:23.  I started off just dandy, but about a 1/4 of a mile into the first tempo mile I was huffing and puffing!  Ugh.  I compromised with myself, that I could cut the run to 5 miles instead of 6.  Then further compromised that I only had to do 2 miles at the tempo pace, but if I didn't hit the pace, I would have to do a 3rd (I'm a hard coach, what can I say?  :p).

It was soooooo nice running when the sun is up (gotta love my late Thursday work schedule!).  But unfortunately, I was WAY TOO overdressed for the run.  I'm used to running in 35* after dark and getting colder, not 38* with the sun up and getting warmer.  I was a sweaty mess.

I did 5 miles in 44:49 for a pace of 8:58.  I did miles 2 & 4 as my tempo miles.
1. 9:32
2. 8:27
3. 9:23
4. 8:09
5. 9:15

Um ya, mile #4?  No wonder I felt like I was going to die!  Luckily I know I still have my speed, and I'm just not as dialed in as to what that pace should "feel" like.  I think I expected to be much more out of shape speedwise, which is why I kept pushing the pace to that uncomfortable place.  It didn't help that my Garmin was showing my pace as 9-13:30.  Stupid overcast day.  :p

Ok, this is a pretty boring post, so my utmost apologies.  Oooh!  One thing I forgot to mention, after the WWR in August, I had thought I was going to lose a toe nail, because it had pretty much uprooted itself from the nail bed, but that sucker never turned black and never ditched out on me.  (Sidenote:  I've never actually gotten a black nail from running, just one from basketball, random.)  When I did my toes last night, I realized that I got a weird pink-colored nail instead of black from it.  You can tell it's dead, but it's definitely not black, and definitely a different color than the other nails.  Yay, I'm officially hardcore! :)

Now on to the important stuff:  New Moon.  Who's going to see it?!?!?  There's actually a bunch of gals in my office (my manager included!  hah!) who are taking a half day tomorrow to see the earliest matinee showing.  We are hoping that the annoying teenagers will be in school, so we can enjoy it in peace.  I'm soooooooo excited.  And also, a 14 year old girl, apparently.

I watched Twilight with a guy friend on Tuesday (yes, it took some convincing, but I'm quite the persuasive chica.... :p) and he had a thousand questions, as he had obviously not read the book.  

N: all those people must be vampires, right?  Because they're sooooo pale??
J:  Yup.  But based on that logic, that would also make you a vampire....soooo......

Jeri:  1, Pale pale N:  0.  Hahah.
His new nickname is Pale face.  Poor guy.  Walked right into that one.  


Anonymous said...

agh, gotta admit - it would take some convincing to get me to watch Twilight too. Just have *not* been sucked in yet...and I plan to keep it that way! :)

You definitely still have the speed! a 6 mile tempo run is rough - I always do best with the 5 - 3 @ tempo. for whatever reason, when it gets longer than that my legs are Not happy about it. geeze, so picky. ;)

Zoë said...

Way to go on the tempo run! And I'm so seeing New Moon...but an AM showing on Saturday or Sunday. SO EXCITED! :) Yippee!

Glenn Jones said...

Jeri - so nice to see you off the injured list! And I wouldn't fret too much about your tempo run. f you were overdressed and overheated that certainly had some effect on your run.

Speaking of being overheated - let's see 38* and you're not in you fluffy mittens? I'm turning blue just thinking about it. (Hey - at least I waited until it was below 50 to put some gloves on!)

Heather said...

Have fun with the short work day and watching New Moon! I'll have to wait until it's on pay-per-view . . . it takes a lot to get me to the movie theater. :)

Mica said...

I'll probably go see this movie, but I definitely think the series is some of the most terribly written garbage I've read in awhile. Ughhhh.

Plus, Bella is the basically the worst character ever.

Jamie said...

I'm thinking of skipping out of work and seeing a matinee too! I just hope all the kiddos are still in school.

J said...

Hope New moon is good. I just saw the first twilight a month ago so i am way behind!

Lacey Nicole said...

hahahaha. i'm a vampire, too... jk

i like how you did your tempo-- and you got a super speedy mile in so way to work it :)

YESSSSS new moon.