Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July in Review

Total Miles: 102.3 up from 90.5 last month. (Wow apparently last month I knocked it out of the park with 130...go Jeri of 2009!)
Total Time: 15:55:59 up from 14:18:41.
Total Runs: 17 for an average of 6.02 miles/run.
Highest weekly mileage: 7/19/2010 — 7/25/2010: 30.1 Mi 4:44:05
Favorite run: My mock half marathon where the temps were cool and I was reminded of why I love running. Also, killer 800 m. repeats at the track. (To be honest, this also could've fallen under hardcore run as well. I'm a bit of a masochist apparently.)
Most hardcore run: Mile repeats.  Always will be the worst workouts EVER!
Favorite Race: Lennox Firecracker 5k.  I raced my smartest 5k to date, place 2nd for women, and won my AG.  Whoo!
Bike Miles:  88.7.  I outbiked my running mileage 3/4 weeks this month.  Uh oh running...you've got some competition!!
Current Jams: Weezer--(If You're Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To & Can't Stop Partying.  Also really digging Eminem & Rihanna's Love The Way you Lie.
Monday I had planned to join the area biking club for their 30 mile recovery ride.  We figured this would be my best introductory ride since they go pretty slow for it.  I broke down and bought some uggggggggly cycling shorts (camel toe illusion included FO FREE!) to accompany for the ride.  And then the storm came in.  Aaron and I rode around a bit to check out the flooding and then called it a night. 

Unfortunately, I had eaten like I was going to bike 30 miles (caramel roll as big as my face and 1/2 a Qdoba burrito).  Since our trails are still flooded and super muddy, I decided to hit the gym for some indoor biking.  Armed with some fitness magazines that I have neglected for months, I decided to bike for 60 minutes.  Well that 60 minutes led to another 25 when I realized I could get a solid 20 miles in total.  I did the first 60 on the recumbent bike (boring!) and the last 25 on the upright (much more fun and a better work out IMO).  I've never actually used the upright bike, so I was surprised at how much harder it seemed to be.  Plus I wasn't experiencing the weird butt/hammy pain that I was on the recumbent.

Whatever you do, please don't tell Princess Leia or Polly Sunshine about last night.  I fear revolt!  There's two of them and one of me.  Things could get ugly. :(

Also, thoughts on the Brett Favre retirement "rumors"?  He will always have my heart even if he has broken it on more than one occasion. ;)


Emz said...

Way to go. Graph and all!!

I am super impressed!!

Kristin Miller said...

Listen your miles put me to shame. Let's move on to more pressing things: BRETT FAVRE I hear he's about to be hit with a SCANDAL Tiger Woods style! There goes my (currently secret because my husband doesn't really like him too much right now) old man crush.

Jamie said...

Nice job on July!

Mica said...

Nice work in July!

I've heard that the upright is a better workout, unless you have chronic back issues. Upright all the way!

J said...

Well done on July!! You were a racing machine!

Anonymous said...

I will keep my (not very nice) Brett remarks to myself! ;)

You kicked July's ass...seriously! Way to go :)