Thursday, August 19, 2010

Long Run Fail

Since I'm heading home this weekend for a wedding and other shenanigans that means long run shuffle-a-roo.  I had originally planned on running it this morning at 4:45am but then I realized that the sun doesn't show it's face until 6:30 and running on the trails for 9 miles in the dark is a bit frightening.  Then I decided I could just handle them after work.  No problem, right?  Tuesday night was beautiful, surely Thursday would be as well, right?  Wrong.

It was in the high 80's with high humidity, causing the heat index to be ~92.  Aaron agreed to run the first 3 with me and then be bike/pit crew for my last 10.  Yay for running buddies!  I slowed my pace down to accommodate for the heat, but didn't take any fluid until 4.5 miles in when I stopped to Gu and drink.  When I got going, I immediately felt light headed/pukey/ready to faint.  I decided just to walk the 1.5 miles home.  Long run fail.  :(

I ended up with 4.7 miles in 46:01.

I still have a 7 mile tempo run scheduled for Sunday night (hopefully post-hangover....yes it'll be one of *those* weekends.  Your good friends only get married once...hopefully.) and debated about doing the 13 instead of that.  I think at this point in my training, I'm confident in my endurance and would benefit more from the tempo work.  Plus I still have a 14 miler and 12 miler left before the Sioux Falls half.

Once we got back to the apartment, I wasn't ready to call it quits completely, so we grabbed Princess Leia and hit the trail for almost 14 miles.  I was out of g-a-s for the last 3-4 miles.  Holy cow.  But biking in the heat is not nearly as brutal as running in it is.  Ick.

And in other obsessive Dear-God-I-Love-my-car-news, I've been marking off "firsts" like most new mothers do with their newborns.  On Tuesday I had my "first" sweaty car ride after my speed work session at the track.  Incidentally, this was also the "first" time I sufficiently stunk up my car (won't be the last.... I'm a stinky/sweaty runner...).  Wednesday marked my "first" time getting and enjoying a starbucks.  This weekend will mark my "first" road trip in my baby.  If I purchase a baby book and try to convert it to a car book, someone please step in.......


Kristin Miller said...

Ok epic fail. I'm supposed to be doing my first marathon in October, don't think I can. I got a knew injury in July (week of rest helped it) then a foot injury two weeks later (Needed new shoes all along) and then I went for my longest run in training since injuries (Jumping from 12 miles to 15) and got some sort of virus/bug last weekend. I'm depressed. And my puppy Lambeau got hurt so he's walking on 3 legs. Stressed = dessert backwards (donut for breakfast). UGH. Had to vent.

Anonymous said...

"Your good friends only get married once...hopefully" <- never fails - a Jeri-induced Lol moment, at least once per post. ;)

Sad day about that run - but with a 14 and 12 ahead, you have plenty of ground to make up! Just enjoy the weekend and the hangover? Ya Know.

Jamie said...

stinks about the long run but it happens! some runs are not meant to be ;) and you have plenty of fitness and training left that this won't hurt you.

have fun at the wedding this weekend! you always hope good friends only get married once, because the 2nd wedding may not be as good :)